Stop And Smell The Skunk Cabbage Vol. 43


2. These tiny stories are absolutely perfect and pretty to look at too. Anthropologie should sell them.

3. How to dice an onion like a professional. ...or just skip onions altogether this season and make Esther happy.

4. Learn to let your kids be a kids. A journey in lessening the helicopter syndrome.

5. How to take pictures of your Christmas Tree.

6. Feel insecure from all those perfect model bodies when you're shopping online? Turns out, they often really are in completely computer generated with photos of real heads edited in for variety.

7. You know how they say people start to look like their dogs? Well this is what happens when people start to look like their fish.

8. The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook. Anyone up for some Lamb Stew with Dried Plums?

9. Genius. Rubberband+photography= a macro lens for any camera phone. At $15 I'm wishing I'd seen this in time for a few Christmas presents.

10. Catechism question for the week. What is the preface to the ten commandments?

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