About Us

About Us:

We are two slightly crazy and possibly melodramatic girls, who share a love for...

and more reading

You'd think having so much in common would make us two pixies in a pod, but in truth, we rarely reason our way through a single thing the same way and you can depend on one or the other of us giving a baleful eyeball, scratching our head, or leaning back with our prodigious laptops and giving a long "hmmm...interesting". Bethany's home is filled with bookshelves stacked three deep, and a pile of library books that threatens the dining room table. Esther on the other hand lives on the top of a Dr. Seuss hill where she pretends to tend a garden, and care for her chickens, but really just spends most of her time outside reading books she's either begged, borrowed or stolen.

We were both lucky enough to find and marry men who not only tolerate our propensity for getting lost in a good book, but also encourage our painful progress at writing novels. Amidst all the reading, chatting, and writing, there are plenty of diaper changes, wringing of hands, and general mischief and mayhem going on as each of us has a fairy baby or two of our own. The baby kisses and tiny hugs go a long way to making our lives happier than we deserve.

This blog is dedicated entirely to the whimsical meanderings of the two resident pixies, Bethany and Esther, as they review books, and dish opinions on everything else from jewelry to tofu.