From Alice In Wonderland to The Celery Stalks at Midnight

I'd like to say Bethany talked me into this, but that'd be a dead lie since I practically jumped off my couch with enthusiasm when she suggested we claim a little corner of the cyberspace kingdom. We hope to make this blog a fun place to hang out and dish opinions on everything from... well... books, to potatoes, to diapering baby bottoms. At worst, you should be able to at least find a book review on some obscure piece of fiction, since books are really at the root of everything around here (second only to God, babies, and husbands).

And on that note, I offer you the first and last books I've read. Starting with...

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland.

I couldn't find the cover art mine had, but it was beautiful. My mom claims this was the first book I read, although I perhaps disagree with her. I was never under the impression I couldn't read before that, and I was a little taken aback at her astonishment when she caught me reading it. My poor mother had been patiently toiling through the Sing Spell Read and Write series with me, imagining that I was no closer to reading than I had been when we started.
Now that I think about it, it's an oddly similar feeling I have with Jamie on a daily basis, which gives me hope. Maybe he will read someday after all. He still has plenty of time to beat me, since I wasn't one of those child prodigies who read at age two, or three, or even four. I was in first grade when I read Alice In Wonderland, but I was instantly hooked. Twenty years later and far more frivolous books than weighty books consumed, I am reading this...

The Celery Stalks At Midnight

Yup, more Kid Lit.
3 sprinkles of fairy dust:

I love all those books...but I must admit, The Celery Stalks At Midnight, was one of my favorite middle school reads.

How did I just discover this blog? Is this why you haven't been posting very regularly at your Fire Breathing Dragons blog? Hmm.

PS. Anne of Green Gables. My "first book." Followed by the other 7 books in the series. I was seven. I totally feel you.

Ha, I guess I have spread myself over several blogs, but sometimes my life just doesn't hold bloggable stories. But I'm still trying to post couple times a week over there.

Long live Anne spelled with an e.