Stop And Smell The Skunk Cabbage Vol. 44


1. An interactive map, showing you when solar electricity will be cheaper in your area than grid electricity.

2. Unsettling and yet mesmerizing proof that five people can play one guitar.

3. Are there more people these days with autism? Or just more people diagnosed?

4. Lentils are a dangerous food. Best make into meatballs and covered in delicious sauce. Lentil meatballs with lemon pesto sauce.

5. Throwing a gourmet dinner party anytime soon? Serve these delicious Mayonnaise Mounds (and peruse other equally horrifying vintage recipes... there's even beige macaroni'n'cheese if regular macaroni is too exciting for you).

6. I (Bethany) don't use Pandora, but if I did, I bet you my experience would be just like this. Also, the reason why I use emoticons is because I really DO look like this. ;)

7. I (Esther) bet you could totally make these Sand Imprint flip flops. You can't help but notice footprints while meandering along a beach, and these would definitely be hilarious.

8. A tutorial for a pleated bow tie...for all your costuming, photoshoots and party needs.

9. Sometimes I can so relate to this turtle. Like when housecleaning with a toddler, for instance.

10. Alien brain hemorrhage cocktail. Intriguing. I bet you could figure out how to make it non alcoholic with chocolate milk, red punch and blue food coloring. Totally gross, but cooking with boys? Bet they'd love it.

11. Too many plushies around the house? Here's a creepy but awesome way to recycle stuffed animals.

12. There have been a flurry of awesome blog posts for moms recently, some of which I've seen reposted over and over on facebook. Two of my favorites are Child Guilt by Stephanie and Masking Anger as Justice by Rebekah. The former addresses the elephant in the room for so many of us who have dealt with the ups and downs of wanting, trying to have, having, and losing children.... and being close to others who are going through the same thing, but at different times. The latter blog post title pretty much tells you what it's about. As someone who rarely gets externally angry, it's a good reminder that "under control" does not equal disciplining rightly.

13. Catechism Question for the week: What does the preface to the ten commandments teach us?
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