Stop And Smell The Skunk Cabbage Vol. 39


1. Lululemon is the obsession of choice these days when it comes to workout wear. Ironically, it held no temptation for me until I stopped working out and became pregnant (Esther). Now I am casting puppy eyes at nearly everything. It's pretty much the most comfortable and flattering maternity/postpartum clothes ever.

2. Weather all across the country this week is calling for soup...soup...soup. This caramelized cauliflower soup looks inspired.

3. You know those decorative pillows you see at Anthropologie that cost more than your car payment? Here's a free tutorial on how to make something similar.

4. If you like to geek out over typing aesthetics... here's a fun read on the 8 worst fonts of all time.

5. How to bake a brownie in an eggshell! Total ignorance this was possible. The novelty of it is tempting.

6. The most honest (and hilarious) used car commercial ever.

7. For those with preschoolers or school aged children (who live in an area with actual autumn leaves). Here's a great little field trip project and free printable.

8. Incredibly weird and yet mesmerizing music video.

9. Laptop owning parents, is this not so true?

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