Soft Lips - The never ending quest for chapstick

I'm starting to think chapstick is like underwear. Nobody agrees on which style or cut is the best, and what works for you, doesn't work for someone else.
The chapstick I discovered recently is like that $5 walmart bra you love, compared to the $60 bra you splurged on that fell apart the first time you washed it.

It's sort of half lip gloss, half chapstick, and I am in love. It costs $1.98 and considering all my more expensive lipsticks and chapsticks have been neglected and ignored, I think it's a pretty good deal. If I were to compare it to something more name brand, it reminds me of Mary Kay's satin lip line, but I like this one better (and it's like a fifth of the price).

Curly hair is notorious for being zapped of all moisture, my skin is practically allergic to Winter, and my lips resemble a prehistoric riverbed in the mojave desert. The plus side to this is, when I was shooting a wedding last weekend in Virginia, and everyone else was dripping in sweat... I was dancing around like the humidity was manna from heaven.

Needless to say, this chapstick had a tough job cut out for itself after it went through the checkout line and ended up in my greedy, skeptical hands.

I have their Pearl and Rose, which are tinted chapsticks. Things I like about them:
  • They are really smooth and light feeling, but still do the job.
  • They are not sticky or cloying
  • They taste yummy
  • They have just enough color to make your lips look fantastic without looking overdone
  • Like most lip balms these days, they have spf 15 in them (they do have an all natural line if that's more your thing)
  • They work great over lipstick or under lipstick

Things I don't like about them:
  • I wish they had more colors
  • While they do last more than most chapsticks, they do need to be reapplied regularly
  • They are kind of hard to find. They're at walmart, walgreens, CVS...etc etc, but you have to search for them sometimes.
I always hate recommending makeup because there are so many better experts. I'm the type of person who takes over a year to go through a container of bare minerals foundation, and was the last person on the planet to discover gel liner. So if you love your MAC/Smashbox/Bobbi Brown lip stuff, then you might not be as impressed, but if you're stuck in a rut and have a 1998 tube of cover girl still in your bathroom drawer... You might fall in love like I did.
3 sprinkles of fairy dust:

I have used this before and liked it pretty well too! I only tried one color...kind of a pinkish/sheer color. Your post makes me want try some other colors now. :)

someone gave me a tube as a gift several years ago, and i LOVED it. and i could never find it, so i have no idea where she got it. i think i spotted some at target the other day . . . i really need to get more. i remember it not being as thick and heavy as the regular Chapstick brand.

Love this stuff! Lisa L got me some from a recent swap and I have been meaning to try other colors.