Entwined - A Review


You'd think I'd get tired of reading versions of the twelve dancing princesses fairy tale, but I must admit I love experiencing new perspectives on it. The more I read, the more I am interested when I hear of a new one, and when I saw the cover to this rendition, I immediately reserved a copy from the library and read it up.

The story follows Azalea, who as is traditional is one of twelve princesses. As the oldest daughter, Azalea vows to her dying mother that she will care for the rest of her sisters. When the strict rules of the kingdom demand that the girls publicly abandon their favorite recreation, dancing, it seems like a perfect coincidence that Azalea discovers a magical passageway that leads to a pavilion where a mysterious gentleman welcomes the girls to dance to their hearts' content.

The story reads very quickly and yet feels long and detailed in the good senses of those words. Although the premise itself sets up for a huge cast, the character arcs are in my opinion the best parts of the book. I loved how many of the people who initially seem to be stereotypes show hidden depth in an eye-opening, realistic way. Not only does time reveal that people do change, it also shows that they sometimes never really were the cliches we assumed they were from first glance.

Despite my use of the word "realistic," this book is not a gritty YA paranormal romance. Although it has its dark moments, it is infused with a refreshing sweetness.

Awhile back, I tried to give my sad sad reading list a boost by reading a fluff novel, and that tactic failed miserably. When I read something that makes me cringe every few pages, it doesn't actually encourage me to read more, no matter how easy it is to speed through. In Entwined I've found the perfect boost, a light read that is still well-written, intriguing, and full of vibrant characters.
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