John Frieda Full Repair - Help for the Desperate


My hair has been in dire straights for quite some time. No, I don't curl it or straighten it or color more than a small portion of it or even blow dry it or overwash it, rather more the opposite. Instead of being smothered by love, my poor hair is pining in neglect. It has been, oh, a year or so since my last haircut, and that's only if we say that deciding at midnight to hack haphazard layers counts as a haircut. Go ahead, cringe away. When people tell me I should just cut it all off and donate it to locks of love, I joke that just my split ends are long enough to donate. I have split ends that each have their own baby split ends.

When I brush it, it immediately re-tangles. Forget it for a day, even in a braid, and I have rats' nests. More than a day? I have the beginnings of dreadlocks. I'm embarrassed to admit that the smooth hair in Tangled made me a little envious.

So we've established that my hair is pretty much beyond saving. By now I'm sure the question is why don't I cut it? I've chopped it from past-the-waist to mere inches before, so I've basically tried nearly every normal length in between the two, and I just don't love short on me. So, I just try to grin gripe and bear it for as long as I can before I ultimately give in and chop again.

Until I read this post.

I had heard about Moroccan Oil, but with hair as long and thick as mine is, I have learned to interpret "you only need a coin size amount!" as "you're going to need at least a dollar bill size amount!" so I never got around to giving it a try. The John Frieda Deep Infusion treatment was priced a little more appropriately for experimentation.

At our local Target, you can pick this up alone or bundled together with a full size conditioner.

Since the packs are currently being clearanced out, it was actually cheaper to buy the set than just the infusion. After I washed and conditioned and infused my hair, it was beautifully soft and silky as promised. It really seemed like a shame to braid it up the next day, but in the heat of summer it's really not at all enjoyable to have a thick mat of hair cascading down my back while I chase around a wily toddler, no matter how silky smooth that cascade might be, so up it went.

And then I discovered a second benefit to this hair treatment. Not only does my hair feel better, it behaves better. All that silkiness means that there is a drastic decrease in the amount of snags and tangles at the end of the day. I tell ya, this product is worth it just for that in my opinion. Perhaps Rapunzel hair really is possible.

I just can't imagine how many dime size dollops she'd go through.
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My hair this time has been absolutely dreadful. I might have to check this stuff out! I have always dyed my hair at home but this pregnancy it won't take. So ridiculous. But The John Frieda conditioner that came with the dye is nice!