Stop And Smell The Skunk Cabbage Vol. 30

Flower fairy lights using Christmas lights and an egg carton! I love it, but I'll need google translate if I actually ever try it myself.

A new addition to my never ending search for cute boy nurseries.

Zucchini is the bane of every gardeners existence at some point during the summer. It doesn't matter how little you plant, it will find away to provide you with more zucchini than you could ever eat. So make the zucchini version of potato pancakes! Extra bonus, you can use the mint that's taking over the other half of the garden.

We've all heard how not using sunscreen will give you cancer, and we've all conversely heard how terrible it is to slather chemicals all over your body. This article on sunscreen won't resolve the issue for you, but it is one of the most balanced articles I've read, and therefore merits mentioning.

A new kind of bookshelf that combines a bit of the ancient. Scroll bookshelves.

If you know what luteinizing hormones are, and reproduction science in general makes you cackle and read textbooks with delight, this article on why we don't have male birth control is a must read.

A few cool things that turned up in a suggested fathers day list. A record player that plugs into your usb port. And scotch on the rocks...literally rocks for all your manly drinks. ( I think the point is they won't dilute your whiskey sour, but I think they just look supremely fun.)

Not only are the colors on this vintage map of undersea cables beautiful, but it's crazy to think that this was once how the world "twittered".

This year has been a year of grieving for me and those close to me. If that's you too... this poem was a balm-like representation of my feelings.

Catechism question for the week. How does the spirit apply to us the redemption purchased by Christ?

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The fairy lights look amazingly fun! =) I really enjoy reading all the stuff you guys post . . . even though I never have time for projects like this. lol. I only wish I was a crafty person. ;)