There are toes, toes, toes everywhere


If absence makes the heart grow fonder, then no wonder I'm thinking fondly of, well, socks. I love socks, but I must admit that our friendship is a foul weather one; we're only there for each other when the storm clouds gather and the cold winds blow.

Considering how much affection I do harbor for my sock collection, I feel rather guilty for neglecting it during vast portions of every year, but what can I say? My feet like freedom. If temperatures always remained at ideal give or take a few degrees, my feet would alas rarely have a chance to wear socks.

Other people might have opportunity to wear socks in the summer, because socks are not just a fashion accessory, oh no. Most physical activities do require socks.

(Of course when I was actually involved in a sport, I chose one of the very few that involves bare feet. But even athletic socks can be whimsical.)

Socks can be very simple, very business minded, very functional.

And they can be intricate.

They can be elegant.

(They can be homemade, even by men.)

They can be squishy and soft and comforting.

They can be silly.

They can be.... bacon?

They can stand in for shoes in more ways than one.

They can mismatch.

They can be the epitome of feminine.

They can reek of machismo (hopefully just figuratively).

Socks have inspired books, both enduring classics and new adventures.

They have been turned into puppets.

And of course the timeless Sock Monkey.

Even those who scorn jewelry, refuse to own more than one pair of shoes at a time, and eschew purses will generally have socks floating around. Whether as a repository for perspiration in the summer or a desperately appreciated extra layer of warmth in the winter, socks give every person an excuse to accessorize, and thus to add just a little bit more embellishment to life.

Does your sock collection get any love in the summer? What is your favorite pair?
3 sprinkles of fairy dust:

I am a crazy that likes to knit socks - tons of awesome designs and colors! And I'm a bit obsessive about them in the winter, but sadly they all get tucked away in late spring and summer here in TX. I go barefoot or wear sandals and flipflops all the time. If my feet are hot, so is the rest of me!

I just 'followed' you here from DiaperSwappers, and now I'm following you because I'm so glad not to be the only one obsessed with awesome socks. :)

No sock love in the summer, my feet like to breath. But I've got a crazy-big collection for the cooler months. Socks rock.