For The Wee Little Things We Call Babies

Imagine there's a man sitting at a desk in front of you, and you're hanging on to his every word. You're perched on a hard leather couch clutching the hand of the love of your life, hoping desperately he's hearing something different than you. The two of you are supposed to be chasing each other with a scanning gun around Babies R' Us, but instead you're being told your baby has a heart condition and only has a 20% chance of living... breathing... making mud pies... being stung by bees (sorry Jamie).

That's this couple. Jon and Amy

And their uber tiny little cabbage patch baby. Ella.

Look at that scrunchy little face!

I don't know them. They aren't friends of mine, but I pray for them and check their blog every morning.

So, this is my list of must-have-and-can't-live-without baby accessories.

#5. Baby legs. The only thing better than cloth diapers, is not covering them up. Why put organic bamboo on your baby's bottom if you're just going to put pants on it? Instead use baby legs! They work well for cold weather too (layering), arm warmers for your preschooler and the occasional elephant trunk if you're playing zoo.

#4. Teething Necklaces are for moms that can't teach grabby little hands the word "no". At least that's what I thought before I had Charlie. I soon realized that even Olympic athletes aren't perfect 100% of the time and my jewelry box was suffering as a result. Solution? Necklaces that don't get ripped to shreds like daisies in a hail storm. Non toxic, unbreakable, and hours of slobbery fun. (gross but effective)

Pretty Serene
Golden Amber

#3. Ergo Baby Carrier. Better for your back, better for the baby's back. Your shoulders and neck will thank you. Car washing, dish washing, clothes washing and house washing can all be accomplished with ease. Once I even went on a 3 mile boulder hike while breastfeeding and chatting with people on the trail (who never knew the difference).

#2. Owie Bear. I don't know if I own the only one in existence or if I'm just not googling the right thing, but at Jamie's baby shower someone (to whom I'm eternally grateful ) gave us an adorable little scrap of a teddy bear. The belly of the bear is a pouch that can hold either a freezer gel pack or a heatable rice pack (it came with both). He's an old friend in this house and has played first aid often enough to earn himself a medical doctorate by now. I can't find one anywhere on the internet, but here's a cute owl that holds a similar purpose. Seriously indispensable, even owie Bear's eyes are sympathetic and my kids think he holds magical powers to heal boo boos.

and *drumroll*... #1. The pacifier holder. My babies couldn't live without their pacifiers (Charlie still can't). We're talking knock down, drag out, all hell has broken loose if we lose it. Thus, it earns its place in the number one spot. We've had cute striped ones, ugly pastel ones, and currently it's just a bit of brown ribbon tied to a diaper pin, but God bless that piece of ribbon. It's what makes bedtime so easy and peaceful, and gives mommy and daddy a few blessed hours of sleep. Like the owie bear, it also possesses the power to heal a myriad of woes. The way Charlie's eyes roll back in his head, and the way he sighs with relief makes me wonder if it's not actually baby catnip of some kind, but whatever, the pacifier holder deserves its first place pedestal.


Since I know everyone is different. What does your top five look like?

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I use a Hotsling around the house but I think we might need to invest in an Ergo this time around. I need something a little less girly - something my husband won't be embarrassed to use ;)