Fighting for the Title of Most Practical Accessory


Lace trimmed bike shorts are the sort of thing that makes you wonder "what will they think of next," but I sure don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth. Truth is, I need those suckers.

Because even though I don't and likely never will wear cut-offs, boy it sure is nice to have the security of a little extra coverage available. I started wearing lace trimmed bike shorts over two years ago (has it really been that long??), but back then I had no idea how my appreciation for them would grow (I'd say "along with my belly," but I guess it was kind of the opposite).

After Jack made his appearance, I suddenly understood why mothers resort to sweats and baggy tee shirts. It's one thing to wear clothes that fit just-so when you aren't in constant contortion, but it's quite another thing when frantic acts of juggling, speed crawling, crazy dancing, and leaps over tall home furnishings in single bounds become daily--nay, hourly--activities. Suddenly that fitted top that needs frequent adjustments and the low-rise pants that always need to be tugged into place seem far less appealing. And that frilly skirt? Forget it.

Enter lace trimmed bike shorts. They might not help with the shirt ('nother subject, 'nother post), but they do make frilly skirts a possibility again but with the comfort of sweats. And hey, they add a cute accent. Lace trimmed shorts, I love you.

They are the Skipper to leggings' Barbie. They are both lighter and not as, uh, tight as.... tights, nor as constricting to poor abused feet, and they are opaque enough for tree climbing, cartwheeling, and general roughhousing. I'll admit it, I wasn't the most ladylike person in the world before Jack. But hey, kids do make it harder.

It's nice to not have to sacrifice fashion for comfort for once. Long live this trend. Keep my Kohl's stocked up with piles of these wonderful accessories.
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Genius! I will make a beeline to Kohl's!