Stop And Smell The Skunk Cabbage Vol. 8

3. Compliments of an Ohio cook tonight: Cream Puff Cake (use real whipped cream).

4. Need decorating inspiration? Finally, the best photos of room designs on the internet.

5. "Mockingjay", the third Hunger Games book comes out in eight days (not that anyone's counting).

6. Magical carrots to bacon recipe

7. Stunning melding of the past and present.

8. Weird, wacky, and wonderful snacks from Japan.

10. Catechism question for the week. How does God execute his decrees?
2 sprinkles of fairy dust:

gag gifts! what wonderful youtube material of Kev and Jimbo

I love the past and present picture - and also the link in the last Skunk Cabbage post with the 1930s-40s pictures in color (tried to comment then but Blogger was being stupid). How do you find this stuff? :D