Not quite instant plummy goodness



(Plum Saga, Vol. II)

Last year I had so many grand aspirations regarding our plum tree. I was going to harvest that fruit and put it all to good use, and we were going to thoroughly enjoy its bounty. What with this (conference) and that (trip) and the other (next trip), all my idealistic intentions fell languishing by the wayside. I barely ate any of the fruit and was in fact far too late to salvage enough to accomplish any sort of project. Kevin and I spent one unpleasant afternoon scraping squashed and shriveled plum carcasses off of our backyard concrete, and we vowed to do better next year.

So now it's next year, and we came back from the conference with a little over a week before we left on, yes, a trip. The plums were ripe as could be, so visions of another plum tragedy forced me into the otherwise spidery wasteland of the backyard with the enlisted aid of my brother.

Many plums were rescued from an inglorious fate, or perhaps from one inglorious fate to another. As it was, there were still quite a few casualties (cleaned up by my wonderful husband before they had a chance to fuse onto the concrete).

Jack wandered around like the poor or stranger, gleaning as he went and generally ensuring that he would be very, very regular.

The very first of my experiments was inspired by Joshua, who kept mentioning amazing Asian-inspired dishes while I was planning for and very prepared to eat dinner and thus, well, rather susceptible to suggestion (and I couldn't think of any appetizing ways to incorporate plums into sushi).

Fresh Plum Sauce:
Handful of ripe purple plums, pitted
Clove or two of garlic
Splish of vinegar (preferably rice)
Splash of soy sauce
Glob of honey
Dash of cayenne pepper
Grated or powdered ginger
Slice of lemon

Toss ingredients into blender and magically transform into a gorgeous purple potion. Liberally apply potion to meal for instant culinary happiness (our meal in question was a stir fry wrap).

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