Feeling The Fairy Love- Fairy Skirt Giveaway


Trying to get two boys to model a fairy skirt for you isn't something I'd recommend trying any time soon. Charlie ran away and Jamie indignantly informed me there was pink in the skirt. I had been doing so good at convincing him all colors were created equal by God himself, but someone recently must have told him pink was a girl color, because pink wearing skirt froufrou-ness was not happening. He wouldn't come near it. I chased him around the house with tails of flying coral, orange and greenness, but he got the ultimate revenge by patting my belly and asking me if there was a baby girl in there who could wear it instead. Um...no. No baby in there...just a few extra pounds, thanks Jamie.

So I asked my friend Emily, who does have a daughter (and a very cute one at that), for modeling permission. Here finally, is the skirt in all its poofy glory. I always wanted a skirt like this as a child. I kinda thought that was the whole point of doing ballet; getting to wear voluminous and wonderful costumes.

There are almost six yards of fabric in this bit of fairyland garb. Six yards. I say "almost" because I couldn't fit the last few strips of cloth on.

And speaking of strips, I felt like I was in Green Eggs and Ham, except I could cut strips in the house, and with a mouse, and on a box and with a fox. I did cut them here and there, I pretty much ended up cutting them everywhere. That much fabric makes a lot of strips. I followed this tutorial, and she makes it sound so simple. Just cut up some fabric, slip it onto some elastic and voila! Easy peasy. ...er...or not. I may have made it more difficult by cutting some of them out on the driveway on a windy day, but the job seemed endless and the boys wanted to go outside. This poor, sweet skirt went many places and saw plenty of people before it finally rested on its hanger.

Now that I've sufficiently carried on about cutting cloth, and underlined the part where I don't indeed have any little fairy girls of my own who would love to wear it... I'm giving it away. It thrilled all the little girl corners in my soul to make it, and I hope someone else can take it from here and put it to fun use. This fairy skirt is made out of three different organzas. A peach-pink, orange-yellow and light green to give it more depth and color.

If you would like the skirt for yourself, your child, a gift, decoration, or any other purpose, leave us some comment love below and make our day by "following" us. The giveaway ends next Monday, July 12th.

To recap, a winner will be chosen randomly from anyone who lives in the continental U.S. and...

A) Follows our blog

B) Leaves a comment on this post.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week! I'm off to go sew cloth napkins now for my sister's wedding.

22 sprinkles of fairy dust:

I follow & I'm posting.
This is too cute, sadly my only girl would probably run like your little man did :) If I do win though I promise to try once a week to see if she'll wear it.

Its BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! Chloe would faint with amazement.

Oh my goodness! That is sooo cute! My little Elizabeth would go crazy over that skirt. She is definitely our little fairy princess and sometimes goes by the name "Princess Sasparilla" (not sure where that came from, but her brothers named her!)
I already follow your blog, though I don't always get a chance to comment. Your book reviews are especially helpful to me, and make sure that I read something other than the books my kids are interested in!

I follow, and I'm a big fan! :) I've tried your recipes and the books you review (I'm in the middle of The White Cat now). While I don't have a little girl, I do have a four-year-old sister who loves to dress up.

I follow on Google Reader and while I have no little girl myself I do have a friend who just had her second daughter and a fairy skirt would make a nice "big sister" gift for her older one.

Lucy would LOVE wearing the fairy skirt. How wonderfully girlish and fun. :)

oh its beautiful!! I love reading and following all your blogs notes comments =) hah..
I've never been a girlie girl kinda person, used to run from all things pink like Jamie... but there is something about fairies and pixies that I have always loved!
ps. I attempted a skirt/tutu like this once.. and yes the amount of time it takes to make strips like that blew me away.. yours came out much better!

You never cease to amaze me, this skirt is fabulous! I love reading your blog!

For heaven's sakes, that's adorable. A friend forwarded your blog to me---must say, I am so enjoying y'all's work! I have a 3-year-old princess personified and a little-bitty nine-week-old future bug-collector. :)Thanks for sharing such fun adventures to follow!

Ok, Just saying that Lexi would look adorable in the orange skirt with her red hair. It is way too cute!! Great job.

*gush* I LOVE the skirt!!!

aww! that is just gorgeous! Doodlebug would think she had died and gone to Princess heaven with a skirt like that.

It's gorgeous! I know ofthe perfect little girl to wear it!

I'd love to be entered. I have twin girls that would love this tutu.


Oo so cute. MJ would LOVE that. She lives for "princess" clothes.

Following and my daughter would *die* for this!

Following as well! The skirt is TDF and I know a little princess that would cherish it. And model it... a lot. LOL. Thanks for a lovely giveaway!

P.S. Love the name of the blog!

Oh please enter me! My daughter Inara would love it:) It is so beautiful!

please enter me. Our daughter jasmine would love to run around in this.thnks

Love it and my little girl is saying "that mine??" hehehe

Following now!

Thanks for hosting this great giveaway....the skirt is too cute!

B would love the colors, E would love the frou-frou-ness. :)