Book Review- The Fairy Tale Detectives


I hate it when delicious sounding books turn out tasting more like sawdust. It's like one of those super shiny red delicious apples that are notoriously mealy and flavorless despite their pretty looks, but since this isn't about apples, I'll stop there. "The Fairy Tale Detectives" is the first book in a series called "The Sister's Grimm". Sounds delightful doesn't it? They're obviously children's books, and I'm sure children love them, because they weren't bad, but they didn't have that mysterious magic that bridges the children to adult world, making both parents and their offspring happy (as well as those of us who still read kid lit just for fun).

Because I love my comparisons, this book is like Shrek meets the Spiderwick Chronicles... all the way down the Prince Charming character (Shrek) and the kids who move into a strange old house with fairies scampering about (Spiderwick Chronicles). The premise may have been more interesting if Shrek didn't exist, but a story about fairy tale characters all living in the same world felt very been-there-done-that. Not that it can't be done again, but it just wasn't done differently enough to get more than an indulgent read through.

My most memorable thought about reading this book is: Don't read it outside while your kids are playing in the mud. I spent every other page yelling at them not to water-bend in my direction... using my body as a mud shield to protect the library book was not my idea of a fun reading experience.
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