A Reminder And Hullo From TX and Wedding Purgatory

Today's the last day for the fairy skirt drawing. Tomorrow we'll put all your names into one of those bingo, lottery looking machines and televise it on national TV (don't worry...just kidding).

We're sure you've missed our positively brilliant and witty posts lately, so this is also an update of sorts. Bethany is in Texas on vacation, staying up late and trying to wrangle her toddler from unleashing mass destruction on the world. Esther has a sister getting married in 11 days and is lost in some sort of no mans land of late RSVP's and 250 cloth napkins.

We have huge plans for August though. We're renaming it "Accessories Month", we're sure the veritable Caesar wont' mind. Bethany's google doc on the subject is a sight to behold and a thing of beauty.

We can't wait.
2 sprinkles of fairy dust:

I would absolutely love to have a fairy skirt but I think it is a bit too small and if I won it I would feel guilty for taking it from some other deserving small person.

Accessories month is going to be fun!!! My daughter and I are both big on accessories, but I'm still learning how to wear them. Of course, since she is two and so charming, she can wear pretty much anything and look gorgeous!
I will look forward to learning from you two!