Secondhand Fashion Week- Day Six

Esther: Proof that this is the last day. My dress has a broken zipper and is pinned together. I should also further confess. This dress came from an odd store in Ohio that carries NWT clothing that has in some way seen better days (lacking a zipper in this case), so I guess it's not entirely thrifted, but since it's a name brand dress that I got for $2.50... I think it counts. Now I just need to fix the zipper, and maybe I'd actually wear it instead of letting it collect dust in my closet.

Tank: Herona
Dress: The Limited
Necklace: Gifted
Shoes: Charlotte Russe (hand me downs)

Bad lighting. It's very bright where I live. I should really challenge the sun to a duel with my strobe and umbrella, but I'm too lazy. Also note, Charlie's dirt goatee. (Jamie is looking at a bug? And wearing a long sleeve tee from oshkosh, target shorts and black cowboy boots...only the boots are thrifted).

I wasn't kidding about Charlie. (who is incidentally wearing a t-shirt from Guatemala, black fuzzibunz diaper, homemade baby legs, and his brown converses)

I like this necklace. It was a gift from my Nannie (grandma), but I don't often have the chance to wear it.

Shoes. How did you guys learn to walk in heels? I have to confess the art eluded me so long I finally (further confession) youtube'd runway shows and watched them over and over. Then practiced up and down my hallway for weeks until it finally clicked. Now you know.

Bethany: I think I set some kind of personal record today, as we slept in so late that we had only minutes to get ready to race over to the farmer's market and then our afternoon picnic at the rosegarden we used to live by our first few years of marriage.

We did not have another lovely sunny day, so it was time to break back out one of my favorite thrift store finds, a gorgeous vintage red wool coat.

Coat - Bromleigh
Raglan collared shirt - Express
Ribbed flutter sleeve shirt - Kavio
Crinkle skirt - Body Central
Windowpane skirt - Rave
Striped leggings - ? (not secondhand)
Houndstooth flats - (not secondhand)
Pearls - wedding gift
Donut strand - Mommy Necklaces (not secondhand, but worn with pretty much everything these days)

Striped polo onesie - Greendog
Overalls - Gymboree
Hat - Gap
Legwarmers - homemade from knee socks
Shoes - ? Handed down from Dad :)

You probably can't see the fashionable Wiggles band aid on my pinkie, but let me tell you, cute bandages are not made for parents. The bright and colorful addition to my finger is a pinchy-baby-fingers magnet. I think it's far safer to have an open wound than a constantly prodded one.

Of course we then came home and did yardwork and threw the probably spider-filled and definitely worm-poop covered (yay composting) clothes into the laundry (yes, I did ditch the white first).... Hope you all had a less insecty evening!

[For some reason, I thought this was the last day of Secondhand Fashion Week, so... uh... oops?]
2 sprinkles of fairy dust:

Oh my word, I love love love the picture of you and Jack on the bench.

Also, I really want that skirt.

and I hope the red wool coat didn't make it into the laundry either!!