Secondhand Fashion - Day Seven

Esther: I lied. Today is really the last day. I owe all the credit for today's fashion to my sister Liz, who got me out of my oversized hoodie, picked the earrings and did my hair for me. Got to love sisters. Without further ado (since my eyeliner has taken up permanent residence under my contacts).

Dress: Derek Heart
Earrings: Vintage
Leggings: 21 (not secondhand)
Platform heels: Bongo

Going for a ghostly shadowed look since it's late and I'm not really a fan of on camera flash lighting (although this may be worse...hard to tell). I love the color of this dress. Nuff said.

Love these shoes. The guy at the thrift store couldn't find a price tag on them, so he gave them to me for a dollar. Awesome.

The earrings really aren't this green-like (and yeah, they're out of focus), but I think you get the idea they're shimmery and lovely. Tip: if you're having a hard time getting your earrings in, dab a little neosporin on them and they will slide like a newborn baby in a bathtub (I just learned this from my sister and my life will be forever changed).

That's it folks. Happy Easter. He is Risen!

Bethany: So since we're kind of behind the program and just got home from my mom's (turkey dinner.... yum), I'm going super simple here. Most of the time, I shop secondhand never knowing what I'll find, but now with the advent of ebay and other such resources, searches can be a little more pointed. Take for example bridesmaid dresses. Worn just once, resold at 60% original cost, and everyone involved is a little bit happier. Hooray for Craigslist! It makes being in two weddings in two months (last and next) a little easier on the budget.

Dress - David's Bridal
Shoes - Top Moda (not secondhand)
Pearls - wedding gift
Y necklace - wedding party gift

Onesie - Gerber, dyed
Longies - recycled sweater

My favorite thing about this dress is the little drape in back that doubles as an evil villain cape. Mwahahahaha.

These are my most comfortable heels, as is clear by their wear and tear. Floaty butterfly wings just about sums it up. Even scary art superhigh heels wouldn't make me tall enough for this dress, though. Anyone have tips on the best way to hem jersey?

And yes, this is the final very end. Hope you all had a great Easter weekend.
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Just want to let you know, in case you haven't seen the blog yet, that you girls are both finalists in the Favorite Secondhand Fashionista poll! :)

You have been such an inspiration over this past week! I just loved your ensembles and also enjoyed reading a bunch of your past writings about books and such. Fabulous.

Also, I'm curious... Are you sisters? Friends? :)

Oops! I should have left an easy link for you...

Most comfortable heels? Am on a mad hunt for comfortable heels! Those are gorgeous too! Mind telling me the brand?