Thrift in its other forms

First off, we had such fun participating in the Secondhand Fashion Week! Thanks so much to Amanda Beth for hosting. For any of you who haven't been over to her site yet, you should head on over there to cheer on Esther (rah rah rah!) and check out some of the other fabulously creative fashionistas.

Here are my top five favorite posts from the week.

Great thrifting and creating, everyone! I'm going to miss checking out all the lovely styles each morning.

And now, on an entirely different note. The wonders of cheap jewelry.

I certainly am not twenty-one anymore, but I keep wandering back into Forever Twenty-One because honestly I cannot get enough of their cheap jewelry. Take the above piece for example. Layered assortments of keys and other charms, under $7, irresistible. It's my go-to long necklace whenever I manage to wear something other than only baby-proof items.

There's something for pretty much every taste, and nearly everything is under $10. I have another necklace kind of like the above, a cameo style locket, and the rhinestone/chains I posted a few days ago (that Jack broke, and that I promptly fixed).

Like textures and asymmetry? There are plenty of options for you.

Plenty plenty plenty.

Prefer more classics? Check.

Like a simple vintage look? Or love birds?

Pretty much every tone is represented as well.

It's kind of like a poor man's etsy. While I love to drool all over my laptop browsing etsy with the best of them, it's nice to be able to afford a few fun funky items as well. And at this time in life, it's great to have items that won't break my heart when inevitably they are torn to pieces by rampaging child. Hey, the pieces might make something equally whimsical.

One of the downsides to looking through these necklaces is that I kind of lose touch with reality and start thinking I could wear any if it! Bring it on! I will find the perfect outfit to showcase these gems and.... what?

Seriously. I now need a peacock feather collar. Anyone with me? Anyone?

Someone tie me down and keep me far, far away from the mall. I'm on the hunt now.

(So, what's your necklace style? I pine to know)
2 sprinkles of fairy dust:

of course, I'm a little Silpada biased, but I also LOVE vintagesque stuff like the bird cameo and the double pearls. I have several vintage large bead necklaces that are fun - one in yellow, one in wooden beads painted navy with gold accents and one bubble gum pink one.

Heck - I like pretty much everything except studded leather collars and spikes. :-)

if i ever wear necklaces, my first choice is pearls [second choice is something very minimalist, but probably chunky-- giant silver swirlie pendant on a leather cord or something, for example]. i'm terribly boring when it comes to jewelry [although my horizons did start to expand a bit when i worked at the jewelry store].