Secondhand Fashion Week - Day Five

I love dresses. Love love love dresses. Over the years, I have thrifted a ludicrous number of dresses, far more than I could ever need, so I have to make my own excuses to wear them. Because as comfy as pants and a tee shirt might be, they'll never feel as, well, prettifying as a good dress.

Anyway, seeing as I have the opposite problem as Esther when it comes to owning clothing, I had a difficult choice when it came to which dress to share this week. There is a lovely floaty polka dotted silk chiffon Express dress, a ruched and layered BCBG Max Azria. My classic Easter Ann Taylor floral linen sundress, an awesomely 50's housewife Isaac Mizrahi number. Those are just a few that come to mind... some women can't resist shoes; I can't resist dresses (and oddly enough, zip hoodies, haha).

I chose this dress:

It's altered, and it's very versatile. When I first pulled this baby off the rack, it looked like this:

Yes, uh, definitely "vintage." I'm not normally someone who can see past immediate exteriors (*blush*), but for a couple dollars I figured it was a worthwhile risk.... surely something could be done. I didn't realize that "something" would be as simple as lopping off the sleeves.

Sleeves and I have an awkward relationship. Since I have broader shoulders (as everyone is so happy to tell me), it's harder to find shirts with sleeves that attach in a way that feels natural on me. In the summer I live in sleeveless tops. In the winter I squirm my shoulders around a lot. Haha. As mentioned before, I adore 3/4 sleeves in theory, but I rarely feel comfortable wearing them.

I often wear full length velvet fingerless gloves with this dress if sleeves would be preferable. The leather gloves pictured here are secondhand also, as is the lovely capelet, which was handsewn by my husband's grandmother.

One last picture and I promise I'm done. Sometimes I think my hair functions as an extension of my personality, frizzing out wildly to remind people that even if I'm looking dressy, I'm still quite a bit rough around the edges. But remember what I said about the dress being versatile? I don't have to let my hair have the last word. Go socks.

There is a reason I'm a photographer. I don't like being in pictures. Being in a picture is awkward-- I over think it too much (should my chin be up further? Am I smiling too wide? Not wide enough?). However taking pictures of yourself is far far worse. You have to hop, dance, smile and bat your eyelashes as if you feel completely goodnatured and charming when in fact, both your kids are dashing in and out of your pictures like whirling orangutans. In the spirit of honesty I'll confess: I took 58 pictures today and only a few don't feature blurred images of underwear clad children or a 120 lb black shepherd running by.

Yesterday I pretended I was little red riding hood in an enchanted orchard. Today I pretended I was a vintage pixie doll in Paris. I can't seem to lose the terribly self aware look, but I'm having more fun with it than I was at the beginning of the week. It was too windy outside today for my tripod to stay up, so inside photoshoot it was. This is the only wall in the house that doesn't feature furniture, bookshelves or windows, so I'm just going to continue on pretending like that distracting gray box isn't there.

Choker- repeat from Tues
Chain- BKE
Shirt- missing tag, but still so comfy
Dress- Aqua Blue
Leggings- Forever 21 (not secondhand)
Shoes- Lela Rose (not secondhand)

I don't love dresses as much as Bethany, but I do like them...especially with leggings (which sort of became a necessity as a mom).

My cousin Heather calls this the broken doll pose (I think I need to hunch and slouch more next time though to get the full runway vibe).

"Au revoir"...I'm having too much fun.

I have a weakness for comfortable heels. I will try on every single pair I find, and then when I find some that feel like clouds on my feet... I have to by them. Whether I need them or not. These were a shocker. I had to wear them around the store for five minutes before I truly believed they were as nice to wear as they were to look at.

And I love this chain. Sadly, I rarely remember I own it.

I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel here people. I think I need to go thrifting with Bethany.
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Y'all are so fun, and inspiring!

I think I need to go "thrifting" in your part of town... our stores do not have anything like the cool finds you lovely mommas are modeling for us this week!!! (or any of those nice "labels" bethany mentioned in her post..)
It's been enjoyable to read and see all your fun pictures!
ps. Ez I think you're exquisitely beautiful and make pictures so, as much in front of the camera as you do behind it.

Aw, I love your new blog! What a fun idea! I know it's always awkward to take self portraits, but I'm glad you guys did because these are great. I've often wished that everyone would bring back the "What I Am Wearing Today" thing. heh. Bethany: LOVE that red dress.

I am just loving you girls SO much! :)

Bethany - What you did with that red dress is amazing! It looks fabulous on you, as do all the other pieces! Such special secondhand items! And I love the socks. :)

Esther - Haha! Great description of taking self portraits! I totally hear you! ;) Your outfit it awesome. I love that dress over the shirt. And the shoes! Just super.

Think I just found a new favorite word...