Secondhand Fashion Week- Day Four

Esther: Day four--whew. This is harder than I thought it was going to be, but like I told Bethany, it does prove I do indeed have stuff to wear. A week ago I was sobbing to Jim I truly did not own a stitch of respectable clothing. As a chronic thrower-away-of-things, I sent bags of rejected clothing to the thrift store a few months ago to let someone else reclaim. I do that too often for my own good and then complain about my lackluster wardrobe. Ahem.

Today's outfit comes from someone else's closet clean out-- my sister in law. She gave it to me a year ago, I wore it for awhile and then forgot it existed.
On a rainy, then sunny, then cloudy, then rainy day like today, it's the perfect fashion. I've always said wearing knit dresses with tights is more comfortable than wearing pajamas. Try it and tell me if I'm not right. I was also sporting hideous, fuzzy, barn red knee socks, but decided to spare you all-- or rather, my camera did. The battery spontaneously gave up the ghost at the sight of my hapless socks, which means no close up of the jewelry either. Ah well. Imagine that it was truly chic. (the jewelry--not the socks)

The scoop:
Necklace- BKE
Tank- Target
Dress- r.tease
Sweater- The Buckle (not secondhand)
Tights- Forever 21
Shoes- Anchor Blue (not secondhand)

I'm embarrassed to post this picture, I didn't realize my poor favorite wedges were looking so ratty. They were magical. I could and did walk miles in them without blisters or discomfort... except for Las Vegas, which is some sort of bermuda triangle for comfortable shoes.

Bethany: Knit dresses? Oh yes, they are for sure more comfortable. Sadly, on me they are cruelly unforgiving, gleefully clinging to every possible lump and bump on my short little torso. Ho hum. (I wore them shamelessly when I was pregnant, though, since lumps and bumps are par for the course then. mwahahahaha) Ah the difference a waist makes....

But, er, enough whining. This outfit is composed of an oddball assortment: a shirt in my favorite but rarely actually worn length of sleeve (more on that in a future post), a vest I originally picked up for a costume party that my friend never held (ahem, friend!), shorts I grabbed off the rack at goodwill and bought without trying on that somehow fit perfectly and fall the most flattering length for my particular thighs (trust me, this is as good as it gets). Layering socks, short and comfy boots, and jewelry that Jack managed to break before we left the house.

Plotting more mayhem I'm sure.

The disheveled railroad tracks by our house definitely appeal to the secret steampunk daydreamer in me. If it weren't for the rather less romantic rubbish and trashy-but-not-quite-artistically-grungy buildings in the background, it'd be the perfect place for a photoshoot.

Jacket - OshKosh
Turtleneck onesie - Gap
Longies - recycled sweater
Cloth diaper - Goodmama
Shoes - ABG Baby (not secondhand)

Crochet trimmed 3/4 sleeve shirt - Express
Velvet vest - Casual Corner
Plaid shorts - Fox Girls
Thigh high socks - ? (not secondhand)
Jewelry - County Fair and Forever 21 (not secondhand)
Boots - Al Primo

Can it possibly be warmer on this side of the state? Unbelievable! Not that it's apparent from my pictures, but we actually have blue skies with pretty little white puffs of clouds flitting here and there. My dad and brother dropped by for lunch, and I dragged them out to take pictures. Ah, it's nice to have a variation from repetitively framed self portraits.

7 sprinkles of fairy dust:

Esther - Love the dress, sweater, leggings, belt... everything! And those shoes are fabulous! They don't even look ratty, in my opinion, just "distressed." Shabby chic is so trendy these days. :)

Bethany - Your look is AMAZING. So cool! You girls are such insane fashionistas (can you tell I'm a fan? ;). And Jack is adorable. :) My 4 month old nephew is named Jack, so I've got a soft spot for that name. ;)

Esther- You combined leggings perfectly with that dress! Love the look. :)

Bethany- Love the photo of you guys jumping over the train tracks. :D And I love that vest you are wearing. Jack is too cute. :)

This is such a fun idea. I looked in my closet yesterday, and I have quite a lot of cast-offs from other people. Of course, my children pretty much only own clothes from the thrift store, the consignment store, or give-away boxes. :)

Great photos!!

I agree with Amanda that the shoes look great! I only recently discovered the concept of wedge ballets and I adore them.

Jack's curls are the cutest!

I don't know what kind of shoes those are (other than wedge) but I'm now convinced I need some. :o)