Secondhand Fashion Week - Day Three

Ok, so I was good yesterday and posted something more casual, but for today I'm thinking more frou frou. It is fashion week after all, right?

This skirt must be magic, because somehow it's a one size fits all. What? That's right; it faithfully stayed with me through nine months of pregnancy + good old postpartum, and it still fits as perfectly as the day I tried it on in the goodwill dressing room years ago and wayyy pre-baby.

The same cannot be said for the lovely lace top, which is only now fitting again as my measurements recede back to what they were before becoming devoted servants to a hungry baby.

Two entirely secondhand outfits:

Hat - Eva Mae Modes
Lace overlay shirt - Papaya Clothing
Cameo broach - Gerry's
Skirt - Ann Ferriday
Angora sweater - ? no tags
High heel oxfords - Bongo

Suitcoat - Lullaby Club
Onesie - Gerber
Cloth diaper - Goodmama

I found these high heel oxfords the same day I stumbled upon the wedge tennies, and it was love at first sight. Esther laughed at me, because it's well known how I almost obsessively avoid lace up shoes and high heels, but even I could not resist. The next week, high heel oxfords hit all the blogs as the new fashion wonder, so I guess whoever dropped these at the goodwill was a step (harharhar) ahead of her time.

Today FrouFrou? Gorgeous.
But for me, I hope jeans a la peanut butter works, because I barely managed to get dressed today at all. We just got home from the zoo (Wild Animal Park actually for those familiar with San Diego), where I nearly lost my mind, and my kids. They both run fast... in opposite directions, and if I could superglue them to me I would.
That combined with the wind tunnel going on outside my front door right now, I'm calling my look, "Hectic Hair Day."
Currently though, I'm locked inside my kids bedroom playing house. The pretend coffee is to die for. Pour me another cup. Very good, thank you Jamie. Why yes, I will have some hotdogs and lettuce with my coffee, how thoughtful..
As you might have noticed, I seem to have a penchant for picking up red things at the thrift store. Why I don't know, since I prefer to wear blue.

The rundown:
Red pendant necklace- Was $10 but I got it for $1 because I inadvertently found a pottery barn chair the thrift store thought had been stolen. Out of their supreme gratefulness they gave me the necklace for nearly nothing. True story.
Red wife beater- Forever 21
Sweater shirt- Charlotte Russe
Jeans- Charlotte Russe (not secondhand)
Toenail polish- Ulta...stolen from sister.
Shoes?- Who needs shoes

Extra points if you can spot the peanut butter stains on my jeans and my shirt.

Tshirt- Gap
Diaper- Fuzzibunz
Shoes- Converse (not secondhand unfortunately)

4 sprinkles of fairy dust:

Oh my, that skirt paired with the oxford heels looks fantastic! :) And the top worn with the jeans is really cute- I would totally wear it! ;)

AH!! I love your outfit Bethany! That is so pretty! :)

Esther - You look just lovely. And I love your top and necklace.

That parasol is positively amazing!!!

Ooh! You girls are just amazing! :)

Bethany - Love the whole outfit, especially the skirt, the hat and the parasol! Also love your shoe story. :)

Esther - I think your hair looks fabulous! ;) That top is adorable and the red accents go perfectly (neat story about the necklace! :).