Secondhand Fashion Week - Day Two

Esther: I had a black and red outfit picked out today in honor of Bethany... Then I woke up and it was freezing outside, so I switched to a ribbed, longsleeve tee that was also red, but a bit more rugged than I was intending. One thing can throw off your whole planned outfit. Suddenly I wasn't sure if the vest worked with it anymore. I look like a gothic-bohemian-Twilighter. Where are you my Edward?

But that's the fun of this whole week right? I'm secondhanding it up baby, and trying new things.

From Top to Bottom:
Handmade choker that Charlie has broken a million times (including but not limited to today)
Homemade black pearl necklace made by me under the tutelage of my Auntie Sheri
Cozy ribbed t-shirt- The Buckle
Pinstriped vest- Wet Seal
Skinny jeans- brand unknown
Vintage red wedges- BC footwear

So here it is without the vest. I'm thinking the skinny jeans do no favors for my thighs. Bad thighs, go away.

...Ahhh. Much better.

I adore these shoes. 2 bucks, barely used at the AmVet thrift store downtown. You can see though, I am certainly doing my best to wear them out.

And here's my jewelry, plus a bonus angsty look from me. I wasn't having much success taking self portraits with the tripod and timer, so Jamie took this picture. Not bad little grasshopper. But if you don't mind, I'd like my camera back. I belong on the other side.

Bethany: For a homebody who likes to blend in and disappear into the background, I have a really really really hard time resisting, um... dramatic pieces.... and toning outfits down from including way too many of them. So this is me trying desperately to dress like a normal sane person-who-is-someone's-mother (a la classy Esther) and not a kid who wants to hold every single one of her toys at the same time. Ahem. I did try.

Mock wrap shirt - Twenty-One
Lace trimmed blouse - Mossimo
Skinny cords - SO
High top wedge tennis shoes - Lower East Side

Shirt - Janie and Jack
Jeans - Jumping Beans
Cloth diaper - Goodmama

My husband send me a link titled "Are 'Babies' the New Penguins?" so this shirt makes me chuckle now. Double the adorable goodness!

Thrifting for babies is awesome, because half the time they outgrow things before wearing holes and stuff (although the other half of the time they cover things in disgusting you-don't-wanna-know stains, hahaha).

My pants were a gift, but everything else is secondhand. The shoes baffle me; who would think that high top wedge tennis shoes would be a great idea? But they work well for short people like me.
3 sprinkles of fairy dust:

Ooh! I ADORE both of your looks! :)

Esther, I love the necklaces and the vest and the SHOES. That color looks great on you and the skinny jeans do too! ;)

Bethany, a fabulous combo of the black top over the pretty lace one and those shoes are insane. They ARE a great idea. :)

These are my favorite post y'all have made so far. Could be because clothes are FAR more fascinating to me than books. I am horribly shallow. I love both the looks. Those shoes are adorable Ez and I am def a fan of the vest. I think y'all both look good in the skinnies. I still haven't been brave enough to try them. I think they would be a horrid combination for my big thighs and skinny calves.

What a fun outfit! Has a serious vibe to it too, real cute. :)