Secondhand Fashion Week - Day One

We both love thrifting. Although we've only been once together, we often regale each other with our respective tales of discovery and derring do. There were those designer maternity jeans, and that gorgeous leather jacket...

So needless to say, we were quite delighted to hear about this:

What fun! Anyone else want to join too?


I have not needed to go clothes shopping in a very long time (which is great when an afternoon dragging the firmly-believes-everything-is-edible toddler into dressing rooms too small for strollers doesn't sound terribly appealing... in other words, all the time these days). Living for years nearby a thrift store that routinely ran 50% off sales was great for quality over quantity people like me and not quite so great for the state of their (ahem, my) closets.

Fortunately my style hasn't changed much over the last few years. I'm still stuck in my good old color rut and layering like crazy to accommodate my finicky body temperature.

Velveteen jacket - SO
Mock wrap shirt - Ever Blue
Lace Layering Tank - Casual Corner
Pinstripe pants - Wet Seal
Gathered skirt - Speechless
Cuffs - handmade from scraps
Boots - Sketchers

Romper - Carter's
Cloth diaper - Goodmama

The outfit works well without the skirt. ^
Or with the skirt instead of pants (hello blinding white legs!).

(The horse is a hand-me-down too)

Wants a pair of red boots like Bethany... and blue hair too.

Instead I dressed (or tried) in the spirit of Spring, all delicate colors that I'm told quite frequently I can't pull off, because I am a "Winter".
I stubbornly insist on attempting it anyway.
It's hot here, but not likely to stay that way, so in celebration (and freedom) it was time to pull out la shorts.

From bottom to top:
Leather gladiator sandals- Thrifted/Memphis 2007
Shorts- Old Navy
Yellow tank- Forever 21/Thrifted
White zippered hoodie thing: Hand-me-ups (hand-me-downs that come from younger sisters rather than older ones)
Necklace: a) pendant/salvaged from Michaels clearance bin, b) leather chord/stolen from moccasin kit in attic
Squinty, growly expression- Free...compliments of Monday.
3 sprinkles of fairy dust:

Great outfits! I LOVE that combo of pants/skirt/jacket and boots! Amazing. :)

So unique and very indie! ;)
The second outfit is really cute and summery. ;)

I love these outfits!