Escape From Azkaban Hair.

This is me at 10.

And it was not a bad hair day. This was a normal hair day.

The quest of any curly haired person is to tame the frizz. The older I've gotten the more extreme the good hair days and bad hair days are. Some days I don't know whether to be grateful, or just give up and shave my head.

I call my bad hair days Helena Bonham Carter days.

I'm sure she's flattered.

My cousin-in-law (the one who's a hair stylist in Hollywood), sent me this product: Mixed Chicks

And it is the gel/lotion/conditioner/mouse/serum/spray/bug juice I have been looking for my whole life.

Finally, happy curls. In hair talk that means soft, glossy and defined without being dangerously crunchy feeling...or frizzy. At the risk of scaring you all away from ever trying it, here is the result.

I hasten to add, that while my photographer (my sister) was fantastic, my eyes really aren't that blue (Nor am I that pale. But I do sleep in a coffin.)

So anyway, awesome stuff. I plan on sending Bethany a bottle... as soon as I send her their Christmas presents.
5 sprinkles of fairy dust:

ROFL!! Ok, I am not only loving the hair in your 10 year old pic, but also the puffed sleeves. My gosh did you have to turn sideways to get through a door? I get to make fun of you because you posted evidence of the insane puffs, but I am sure I wore something very similar, maybe even puffier.

If I had curly hair, I would try that product. You look lovely as always and your curls look perfect.

Awesome! Sadly, m hair doesn't curl much now (nor did it when I was 10), but it definitely frizzes. I didn't think the wonder product existed....

But is it really $50??? Please tell me there is some place to buy it for cheaper!

Yeah, sorry... I posted the wrong link (but had a heart attack too when I saw the price). If you look at it again you'll notice that's for an entire quart of the stuff. It's really about 10-12 dollars or so (still expensive, but worth it). I've been using it every day for a week and I haven't even got past the tippy top so I'm hoping it will last awhile?

you're gorgeous. More now than then. ;-) But I think that's true of all of us. Your eyes are GORGEOUS in that picture - maybe it's the blue shirt? I think I want your shirt too.

So happy you've found something to make your curls prettiful and smooth! If I could find something that would boost the volume of my limp locks, I would be similarly happy.