Through Thick and Thin

It's not exactly an easy thing to find clothing that will stick with you through the best of times and the worst of times, but it is well neigh impossible to find clothing that will gracefully endure the unbelievable bodily changes that accompany childbearing and all that entails. Pregnancy brings a whole new meaning to the idea of having tons of clothes but nothing to wear. And then there's nursing. Ugh.

Now grace is anything but my middle name. That dubious spot is more likely occupied by laziness, which would explain why there was an unusual amount of overlap between my regular, pregnancy, and nursing wardrobes. That being said, there are still only a few items that served me well and gracefully (as opposed to oddly and awkwardly *gulp*) in my carefree days as well as throughout most of pregnancy (they are excused that last month, at least) and nursing.

Personal clothes shopping is a diversion has taken backseat since I have a much funner, cuter, itty bittier person to shop for now. Something did sneak its way into my bag as I was shopping for gifts for friends yesterday, though. Love the colors, love the stripes, love the stretch that sucks in my post-baby belly and the bunches that disguise those miscellaneous leftover other bulges I also like to blame on the baby.

I was embarrassed to note upon arriving home that I already have four similar shirts in my wardrobe.

These shirts are not fairweather friends, though, so I feel at least somewhat justified in surrounding myself with them. Aside from the praises I just sang, their favorable attributes extend to pregnancy as well. I could show you pictures of myself wearing them in the second and third trimesters, but remember my middle name? So here's an attempt to momentarily recreate what it might have looked like. Oof.

And finally, these shirts work fabulously for nursing as well. Stretchy? Drapy? Perfect.

Did I mention they layer wonderfully when it gets chilly outdoors? These are definitely worth stockpiling.

What are your favorite dependable and versatile wardrobe staples?
4 sprinkles of fairy dust:

I wish I had a shirt like yours to hide my post-baby bod. I'm mostly in sweaters now, or long-sleeved Ts. When Spring breaks out, I am going to toss out (nearly) everything and get a new style. Something more vintage. And classic. And less mommy-ish.

Maybe we should reward ourselves with a new clothing item at the end of March NaNo, no?

So where does one find these shirts? :)

A reward for writing sounds great to me!

I think each of these shirts came from a different store....

This post made me laugh!

We may have the same hair and the same stomach issue!. I flatiron my hair now, but you can see it in all of its high school glory at my post:

I normally don't promote my blog, but I also have a post that mentions what a high school student said about HB Carter's hair: