Do you cry when you read?

I was reading Orson Scott Card's blog today (or rather, one of his blogs), and he mentioned his son-in-law crying while listening to an audio book (as he was running a marathon incidentally).
This, for some reason, was astounding to me.

Jim pulled the car off the freeway the first time he saw actual rivulets of saline running down my face while reading a book. We were on a road trip and he was convinced there was some dire and truly serious reason for my crying. Yes and no, depending on how serious you think Walter dying in Rilla Of Ingleside is. It wasn't the first time I'd cried through that book, nor was it the last (confession there). Jim was honestly flabbergasted.

That incident made me think maybe crying through books wasn't exactly normal among men... or even people in general.
Now I'm not so sure.

Do you ever cry when you read a book? Does your significant other?

Do you laugh out loud? Or are you just laughing and/or crying on the inside?
5 sprinkles of fairy dust:

I cry and laugh out loud for sure, even when I am completely alone. I had this theory after I read Crown of Stars that the more I cry during a book, the less I mope about it afterward, so now I am all for getting it all out pronto. When I was a teenager I would be depressed for weeks if my favorite character died.

I don't remember ever crying when reading.... but I cry every.single.time I ever catch a glimpse of Biggest Loser. It's ridiculous!!! And my husband has caught it happening to me and immediately will turn it off and tell me how ridiculous I'm acting. haha.

You can never read Rilla too much.

I cry and occasionally laugh out loud when I read, but I don't think Aaron ever does.

I laugh out loud and cry when reading, yes I do. Buckets of sobbing tears if it's worthy. The book I remember crying the most while reading is probably The Hiding Place - when Betsy dies. agh. So sad.

I cry more when I know it's real if a movie is a true story or the book is a biography. It's like I can't discount it because it REALLY happened, ya know?