You'll Regret it Later (but not now)

If you ate something and found that it made you look and feel like you were five months pregnant, and you most definitely were not five months nor even at all pregnant, would you avoid that food?

Not I.

It would be great if I could claim that my reason for throwing caution (and experience) to the wind was boldness or bravery, but in actuality, my memory just has a knack for glossing over unpleasantness. This does have its benefits, and in fact is very likely the only reason why I can say "five months pregnant" at all without a mighty and heartfelt shudder.

However, it also has its drawbacks. Which is why I found myself (again) feeling five months pregnant (again) when I'm not actually pregnant at all (how many times can I say pregnant in this post?).

When I was a kid, my mom used to tell me about the time she ate an oversized chocolate bar and got oh so sick. When I was a kid I'd shake my head in disbelief when I heard adults insist, "a smaller piece of cake please, it's just too rich!"

When I was a kid I read a comic that said you know you're grown up when your innards start dictating your life, or something to that effect. It's a sad sad truth. I won't regale you with more tales of my gastric activities, but suffice it to say I too find myself thinking of some foods as "too rich" these days. Alas.

But on to the review. A few months ago I bought some of my favorite treats from Trader Joe's.

Belgian Butter Almond Thins. These are so tasty and so, uh, rich that a few should be enough, but I quite foolishly downed.... a lot of them. And regretted it later. I made sure to not overindulge again, but months passed before we made it back to Trader Joe's.

What with friends and family in town, festivities, and projects, we've been revisiting our local Trader Joe's for their amazing stock of truly wonderful snacks. While browsing the cookie aisle, I came across chocolate covered Belgian Butter Thins. How could I resist?

I couldn't. A box came home with us, and this time I only ate... eight. Still, the serving size is three, and I had completely forgotten my previous experience, so once again I regretted the excess. I definitely did not regret the choice though. Buy these if you want an amazing treat. Stick to three if you want to love your stomach later though.
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I was introduced to these delightful treats by the cookie pusher at Trader Joe's. She's the girl who walks around TJs at around noon (when everyone is hungry) offering a taste of some delectable treat. Yesterday's treat was Belgian Butter Thins. Of course, I bought a box. They lasted a day at my house. Very delicious!