Sweet Potato Pancakes

With a mom who loved green living before it was popular and a dad who is a personal fitness trainer, I can't promise that I always eat my veggies, but I can assure you I always feel guilty for skipping them. My parents spend quite a bit of time encouraging me to incorporate more "good foods" into our diet, and one of the ways my father has done that is by lending me one of the many popular books on cheater eating.

Now I may not be a pro at the whole natural food thing, but even I'm a little suspicious of Bisquick as a health food. However, I guess on a sliding scale this particular rendition of pancakes has to be a tiny bit better than the recipe on the back of the actual Bisquick box.

However, thanks to Bisquick, this recipe is stunningly easy. So easy, in fact, that only someone like I could botch it up. Yep, I botched up a Bisquick pancake recipe. I threw a sweet potato into the microwave (healthy, right?) and then tossed it into the vitamix with the requisite water, pureed that sucker, and added the Bisquick. It was only after I was baffled by its.... unbatterlike texture that I realized the recipe called for 1/2 cup potato, not the whole hulking monster. Oops! Lots of Bisquick later, I finally had something far more batterish, and that something made a stack that quite frankly looked rather unappealing.

Odd color aside, however, the texture and taste of the pancakes was great, both alone and with maple syrup (the real kind! go me!). Lest you wonder if the process of cooking three times as many pancakes as expected went to my head, I'll add that my dad, husband, and son all devoured the pancakes with much delight as well. I probably won't have a chance to try whipping up a batch of these pancakes made with freshly ground flour and eggs from grass-fed chickens anytime soon, but I'll definitely be making these again. Yum!
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