As seen on LOST

There's the very slight possibility that this is actually some great pivotal plot point, but I think I'm safe in not posting spoiler warnings before my mention of the fact that Fräck or something similar to Fräck or perhaps Fräck's alter ego in a possible alternate reality, guest starred in the most recent episode of LOST.

I really did intend to blog about Fräck before this week's episode of LOST aired, but hey, now it will actually seem apropos rather than just a strange random post, right? That is if anyone else is still watching LOST in the hope of some sort of eventual resolution...

Fräck is one of IKEA's many stunningly affordable items of questionable usefulness, the sort that the stereotypical woman generally goes nuts for (*raising hand and blushing furiously*). Fortunately for our bank account and my husband's sanity, our nearest IKEA is about a forty minute drive, so we have actually only been there one time in the almost four years we've been married. Nestled in amongst stuffed mice and colorful kitchenware, Fräck made its way through the store in a huge yellow bag and then to our car in a huge blue bag (pay attention if you're reading this, Mom; the blue bags are allowed to leave the store! hahaha). It then made the much-longer-than-forty-minute drive home with us as we navigated the back roads, holding our breath and hoping that the bed and sideboard we had also impulse-bought wouldn't slip off the back (did I mention it's a good thing we don't live too near IKEA?)

My husband installed Fräck in our bathroom for my maximum comfort during regularly scheduled pore analysis and eyebrow grooming. Its regular and supersize mirroring options as well as easy adjustability make it perfect for that purpose, but I've found that it has more applications than those simply related to vanity.

Thank you, Fräck, for providing yet another means for paranoid mommies to guard the safety of their little ones, in relative convenience. Instead of sitting on the edge of the bathtub while my tiny child gleefully splashes around and looks shocked when water somehow manages to get into his eyes, I can sit on the... *ahem* cushiony toilet seat cover and read a Brandon Sanderson or other such novel without being irresponsibly out of sight.
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I am also enamored with Ikea and we live about 40 minutes away from ours too. Unfortunately I have gone several times in our 6 years of marriage. The only difference is Jose finds it much easier to ignore my cries of "I NEED this" his arguement is that if I need it I can get it later. He just doesn't understand ;)