Dressed on a Dime Fridays #2

Esther: The weather report said it was going to rain today which is why I dressed thusly... what the meteorologist meant was it was going to be so hot and humid it would feel like it was raining. I always wonder why I always hate all my jeans come Fall and it's because I haven't worn them for 4 months. Now I remember why. Sticky, clingy jeans has got to be the worst clothing for hot weather. Long live skirts and Summer dresses.

Linen shirt $5 (from one of those cheap clothing kiosks) Lucky Jeans: $40 (Nordstroms Rack) Roxy Flip Flops $2.99 (TJMaxx), Necklace (homemade), NY&Co Cardigan (hand-me-down).

Total: $47.99

Bethany: The weather here was similar, so when I got home from running errands and such with two babies in two carriers, I immediately changed (although I wasn't wearing jeans. Scar is not a big fan of constriction right now).

Ruffled tank: $5 (laceaffair.com), Layering tee: $5 (one of the many mall stores), stretchy waist shorts: $4 (Old Navy), flip flops $2 (also Old Navy), necklaces: $27.

Total: $43

Ah, sweet comfort.

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