The post where Bethany and Esther actually finished something they started

During Christmas vacation, while Bethany and I were sitting around eating bon bons and watching old Christmas movies, we somehow motivated our lazy selves to join a fiction swap
over at Wickfield.

Like gifts of tacky sweaters or awkward lingerie... swapping stories for Christmas carries some potential for embarrassment and blushing.

It was fun though, and good motivation to finish a goal.

Bethany's story prompt: "A story set in the 1930's (late or early, it doesn't matter), with whatever characters, based on the song Brielle by Sky Sailing."

Bethany's story: Drifting Away

Esther's story prompt: "A story about whatever characters in whatever time period, inspired by this song by Florence + the Machine, Rabbit Heart (You Raise Me Up)"

Esther's story: Rabbithearted Girl


Note: In full disclosure, Bethany's is more true short story size, and mine is either a monstrous short story or a baby novella.

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