I'll take one of each

Strains of the Entertainer tinkling up and down the street.... here comes the ice cream man! We kids squandered our quarters immediately on chili coated mango lollies and never seemed to have enough to buy the unattainable Ninja Turtle bar with gumball eyes.

There's something wonderful about growing up and suddenly realizing you can splurge on an ice cream bar from the ice cream truck if you want, but somehow it feels a little less magical to be an adult standing on the sidewalk buying something for yourself.

So when Kevin and I were first married, I just kept the freezer stocked with crunch bars (yum). Now that we are living in a less ritzy neighborhood, it seems we have ice cream trucks and carts roaming up and down our streets all the time.

I've still yet to stop one, but a few weeks ago, my dad and I made a wonderful discovery. Just a few blocks down from our house, we found the place where the ice cream carts and trucks stock up. It is open to the public, and in case you were wondering if Ninja Turtle bars and Bomb Pops are still available, they definitely are!

The number of times we've strolled down there is pretty ridiculous, but hey, we have to make use of the time we have left before it gets too cold for frozen treats!

If we live here long enough, I'd like to try everything they have there, but for now we are entranced with the frozen fruit bars.

At $.50 a pop, they make a nice cheap date, and they come in flavors from the traditional like strawberry, lime, pineapple to the more adventurous chili mango, cucumber, coconut, hibiscus. And they're available in all-fruit or with milk. The strawberry in particular is amazing.

So someday I'll branch out to something more exotic (probably not the Ninja Turtle bar, though), but for now I'm just savoring this addition to the last warm days of the year.

2 sprinkles of fairy dust:

Its-It is a family favorite of ours. I mourned for it when I married and moved to Colorado and couldn't find them anywhere, then when we moved to Phoenix I thought surely we were close enough to CA to get Its-It bars. Nope. And now I'm gf for life and can't ever have them again (sob) so be a friend and have one for me, on a future date to the ice cream store. :)

I enjoyed reading about your ice cream dates! You have good taste in Ice Cream Bars and I will also say the Fruit bars are the best. I personally love cocnut! Thanks for Posting about Ice Cream its a fun topic with lots of memories!