5 Things I Hate About Fall

I cannot believe this is the favorite time of year for some people. I always conjur up delightful images of cozy soup, rainy days, and good books, but clearly I'm suffering from that malady where you think the books you read are actually like the place you live. (if there's not an actual name for that...there should be.)

This could also be read as a rant against California. Normally I love my state...but in Oct-Nov my admiration wanes and takes a drastic hit. I'm sure the rest of the country is enjoying a picturesque autumn.

1) The Santa Ana winds. I don't care if it clears the smog out of LA, all it means to me is "fire danger", "evacuation" and "chapped bloody lips". They say it is derived from the term "satan's wind" and I couldn't agree more. These winds even sound evil when they're whipping around the corners of your house.

2) Election season. The mailers, the awful phone calls, the signs littering every corner. I do stubbornly take advantage of the freedom I have to vote, but sometimes it's a small consolation.

3) Is it hot? Is it cold? The seesaw is intense. Since March it's been sunny and 70 almost every day here. Now that it's Fall, it's back and forth between 60 and 100. Too sudden to hit the pool or the beach, and too crazy to get into any sort of wardrobe routine. Worse is all the succulent recipes that beg to be cooked, but it's still too hot.

4) Bring on the Lizard Skin. This one could be listed under the Santa Ana's, and really if I had to choose between moisturized skin, and moisturized earth, I'd definitely pick the flora/fauna option because contrary to popular opinion, earthquakes are no big deal around here. Wildfires are. But this ultra dry weather does a number on ones skin and hair too. My feet look gray, they are so ashy and dry. Amazing how fast Fall can obliterate a whole summer of happy, healthy skin in less time than it takes to say "HappyThanksgiving".

5) My head. This has nothing to do with normal Fall season, but the Migraine-From-Hell showed up last week and is trying my patience and fortitude in every way possible. It has earned epic status, and consequently gets its own bullet point.

I just need Christmas to come already.

4 sprinkles of fairy dust:

Bah humbug!!! Seriously though, the Santa Anas haven't been that bad this year (at least not here) and while it's freaking hot today, there's the consolation that it will be chilly enough to cuddle tonight. Granted, I have a perpetual runny nose... but nothing will quell my love for this season. I do wish it would be a little more cold and rainy, though. ;-) xo

Lol... I thought about you specifically when I wrote this. I think we need to hang out so you can rub off on me a little bit. I do so want to love this season, but I am a beach girl through and through.

Hey, i am right there with you. My allergies are terrible this fall. Our weather can't make up it's mind. It is dropping 10 degrees for one day this week only to go back up another 10 the next day. WTH? While I do adore me a pumpkin spice latte, I am so over fall all ready.

I'm right there with you on hating fall. Different reasons, but same hate.