The Thirty Second Vest


Vests have been in and out of fashion, and up until recently they've been very much in the periphery of my mind.

I mean, the shrunken menswear look can be cute on some people, but it's never really appealed a lot to my wardrobe.

And the saggy baggy look? Definitely not for me (or my hips).
But then the military inspired vests started appearing, and I must admit I'm a bit of a fan.

The buttons! The collars! The lovely little details! I've been wanting one for awhile but hadn't quite found the excuse to justify picking one up.

Enter my unruly stash of jackets. I'll admit it, I have a ridiculous weakness for thin jackets. Back when I thrifted more often, I amassed quite the pile of the things, and the reason this was ridiculous is simply that if it's cold enough to wear a jacket, I'm probably going to be huddled shivering in something thick, bulky, fully lined. So all my cheap and cute thin jackets sit around gathering dust.

But the buttons! The collars! The lovely little details! I finally had an *aha* moment and pulled out a pair of scissors.

Bliss! A better woman would hem the sleeves (which I had to leave as caps for their sweet puffs) and sew on some new buttons, but I just threw it on and added a belt for the time being. And despite my rather morose expression, I'm quite happy with my new vest.

Now I'm just wondering how long I'll be able to hold out against the attack of the faux fur vest...

No spare shag rugs sitting around the house, so I'm safe for the time being.

2 sprinkles of fairy dust:

What a great idea. Unfortunately I don't have a very large collection of jackets around the house. Maybe I'll have to work on more frequent thirsting.

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I love that military look - I should try that!