Another Adventure Into Shoemaking

It's a sick circle. I inspire Bethany to make thigh high boots, and she in turn inspires me to try them too. By the time we finish, either everyone will be tired of our obsession with making shoes, or we will have mysteriously found ourselves stranded in Greenland with no internet. (but at least we'll have our warm cozy shoes).

I hadn't thought of using old shoes as a base for making new shoes, but it's brilliant really. Especially when you have old shoes that are too comfortable to throw away, but too ratty to wear in public.

I didn't get much sleep last night, and the day has been filled with clever mishaps, orchestrated by my dog, kids, and a random propane guy. Tomorrow I will surely find it all very funny, but today I want to smash a window or howl in the moonlight. Surprisingly, making these shoes allows you to hit things...very hard...with a knife and hammer. Very satisfying.

I know these aren't proper shoemaking tools, but on the bright side, they're pretty easily found in your kitchen.

Use the knife as a chisel and whack at it with the meat tenderizer until you get the upper to separate from the sole.

Plus, there are super cool, secret military intelligence codes written on the bottom... or they could be instructions on assembling the shoe. One or the other.

I bought an ultra long pair of black socks at Target for under five dollars. One might wonder why they need to make shoes out of socks, when they could just wear socks under shoes, but this way you could wear socks twice. (although it would take another ice age for me to do that)
But anyway, just slip the shoe into the sock like so...

Tape the edge of the sole (but not the top)...

Then tape up your new Shuke (sock+shoe). It needs to be taped up entirely, except for the bottom (unless you want glue everywhere).

Then spray away. You could theoretically use any kind of glue you think would work. This just happens to be the strongest glue I possess. Attach the bottoms to the tops and whalaa...

Slightly creepy looking thigh high boots.

Sooo comfy though. I love them.
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