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We just arrived home from Lake Tahoe, and I'm sorry I took so long to post the results of the giveaways, but WOW! It was just so gorgeous that, believe it or not, I didn't even crack open my laptop the whole time we were there. Just ask... pretty much anyone who has seen me how unusual that is. *blush* I love my sweet little laptop and have lavished much love and stickers upon it, but even I couldn't resist an incredible vacation home (we could live there for only 2 million! ha), the awe-inspiring natural setting of the lake town, perfect weather, and of course great company.

Lake Tahoe is up next to Yosemite in my mind as the most beautiful non-beach destinations in California, tourist attractions that are even more spectacularly breathtaking than the guidebooks say. Oh, the memories of camping at both of those places with my family when I was a child, the rustic adventures we had (at Tahoe, I recall frantically paddling back from Fannette Island in an inflatable boat during a thunderstorm) and all the erosion we surely caused (can you tell I'm from California?). Tahoe has a special place in my heart though, possibly having something to do with a honeymoon almost exactly four years and four months ago.....

So now I've been to Lake Tahoe as a daughter, a wife, and a mother. And as an Elk's Club group happily picnicked next to us overlooking Regan Beach, I think I can safely say that Tahoe is for all ages. From our vantage point, we could see brave folks kayaking, sailing, and parasailing, but I'll go ahead and embarrass myself by admitting that my favorite Lake Tahoe activity is wading. Yep, just walking out into that clear water, finding where the temperature changes from warm to chilly, where the sand goes from gritty to squishy to pillowy (can you even see my husband and child in this picture?).

Wading isn't much of a sport at our ocean beaches, where you can just make it a few steps in before you've gone in far deeper than you anticipated, and water is seeping up your clothes. But at Tahoe, you can keep wading, keep wading, keep wading until you look back and realize you've completely abandoned your belongings, but the water is still barely lapping at your calves. It's the perfect playground for little ones.

At one point, Jack took off on his own, tripped, and fell forward. Even with short stubby baby arms, he was able to catch himself and keep his face above water.

The water at Regan Beach is definitely not as visually stunning as that of the somewhat less accessible Emerald Bay, and the sections without rock had a mighty reek, so when we have more time I'd much prefer to hit up other more pleasant sections of the lake (wish I could remember where it was I had the most fun and whimsical photoshoot ever with this amazing photographer). But hey, it's all good, it really is. I can't recommend Lake Tahoe enough.

But now on to what I'm sure is a far more interesting topic to everyone who isn't actively planning a vacation to California and Nevada's little state cuddle corner....

The last winners from Accessories Month!

Well, daunted by the number of entries, I decided to give a try. It's almost too easy, or it would be if our comments had numbers. Haha.

Winner of the earrings giveaway is ShellyLynne!

Winner of the Mommy Necklace is Mnemosyne!


Winner of the Avon necklace is Mimi the Kitten

Winner of the Teething Bling pendant is Sbdf13

Send us your addresses at fairiesandfrenchfries at gmail dot com, and we'll get those out to you!

I loved reading all the poetry favorites. There were so many wonderful suggestions in there amongst the entries, and many from my husband's and my top lists. Those of you who couldn't think of anything, I'll have to go through the comments and my own favorites and put together a starter's list to post...
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I love the pictures of jack, of course! Sounds like you had a lovely time...