Children's Fashion On A Shoestring Budget Part 1


Two words.

1. Shoes
2. Hats

That is the secret.
You can dress your children in the most mis-matching, threadbare hand-me-downs, and never darken the door of Gymboree, but as long as you buy cool shoes and funky head wear, you can get away with murder.

For instance, take a look at this Fall 2010 look from the New York designer Appaman.

Pretty standard clothing and easily found at your local Salvation Army thrift store. It's the shoes and the hat that make these outfits.

I think every kid should have a decent pair of converses to wear (We currently have a pair in almost every single size from 2-10...finding matching pairs is a bigger problem), and in my southern Cali culture, a pair of leather flip flops are also a must have.

You don't need to buy walmart shoes to save money. High quality flip flops can be found at GAP at the end of each season for around $4-$6 dollars. And Converses can be obtained at a Converse outlet (thank you Rachelle) or Target if you're desperate and can afford the $30.

But really, the options are endless.

And hats. If you can't find cute ones...learn to knit. If you can't learn to knit (like me), beg other people to knit for you. Clean their house, massage their feet, offer to dance to hip hop like an organ monkey. ...Thrift stores, clearance sales and grandparents are also (less embarrassing) options.

Just like every adult needs a good pair of jeans and a nice coat. Spending more money on just a few signature items, and saving money on staples like bottoms and t-shirts, is an easy way to infuse life into your child's wardrobe without breaking the bank.

And gosh darn it, I WILL learn to knit this season.

Disclaimer: The author does not hold a degree in fashion, is not a fashion editor, nor can it be said her kids wear much more than underwear or diapers most of the time.
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I love this post, because my kids wear hand-me-down "whatever" clothes 99.9% of the time, but I am BIG on shoes. My daughter has sensitive feet and I discovered quickly that the only shoes that fit her well are See Kai Run. I stalk CL to find them cheap.

She has the brown polka-dot Pediped Flex shoes you pictured (thrifted for $3), but unfortunately they give her blisters. They are SO cute though!

I think we've got the footware down. My kids wear cowboy boots and rubber boots. Or does that count? Hats - they love them but they consist of cowboy hats and ball caps. If they had their dreams come true however, there hats would be like Swamp Fox, Robin Hood, Peter Pan, and Bert ( Mary Poppins - now that we could do)

Totally agree! Isabella has 2 pair of Cons, 2 pair of Vans and some misc dress shoes that don't really stay on her braces. Lately she's sporting some super cute purple casts. ;) Arianna already has some cute kicks too! Hats are another story ... Isabella loves them, but only if they're Rahul's baseball caps worn backwards.

So fun! I love shoes... so naturally Jude has about 10 pair, including two pair of Converse (classic black hi-tops and gray laceless lows). And while *I* love hats, the lil stinker won't keep them on right now. Maybe I can convince him to leave them be in the icy winter.

I confess that I just spent about $175 for tiny tops, sweaters, and ridiculously adorable baby jeans at Once Upon A Child. Do you have those out there? It's a children's resale chain- I usually find stuff at about $3-$4 a piece. Danger! haha

You are so right. I had never thought about it before. I seriously need help dressing my son. I expect advice from you regularly :-D