Why Do Humans Accessorizes?


I think the word "accessory" lends itself to purses, jewelry, watches and belts, but contrary to what most guys think when girls disappear behind the latest issue of Vogue, there is so much more going on than overpriced bits of beauty. Clothing boiled down to its basic element, is what you wear to cover up the nether regions and protect your skin and bones from the elements. Accessories are what you put on to either say something about yourself (rank, status, profession), or make your life more functional (sword or papoose). Somewhere along the way, we've added shiny things and published a million opinions on the subject.

Some people use the same purse for 20 years, wear a plain leather watch and maybe own one pair of gold earrings that their great grandmother gave them when they were 13. Others go through purses like they're popsicles on a hot summer day... some people keep them all and end up with 57 of them stashed in dubious corners of their bedroom.

But whether you are the type who falls in love with the feel of silk against your skin, the person who blindly grabs from the clearance aisle at Target, the lover of handmade finds on Etsy, the thrifter who thinks feathers are for every day, or the person who scorns it all and wears socks with birks...

...this month is for you.
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Ooooo, I love that red necklace from etsy. Do you still have the link?

Here it is...


Not very cheap though. :-P

Boy, ain't that the truth! =)