Pirate Booty: Reusing broken and tossed out jewelry

There was a lot of old and broken jewelry I was studiously ignoring.

But Jamie convinced me to play pirates with him (we were pirates with flying dragons, which are uncomfortably warm to fly on this time of year), and we sailed through the skies in search of treasures hidden in...bathrooms. We hunted and poked through drawers until they relinquished the biggest pile of broken, misfit and ill used jewelry ever seen in dragon territory.

I actually procured a lot of this jewelry already broken, although Charlie can account for more than his fair share. People and stores will get rid of broken jewelry for incredibly little money. We're talking fist fulls of broken jewelry for a dollar. I take it home with the intention of patiently untangling it and making something new, but I forgot about a good chunk of it until now, when Jamie and his hot breathed dragon forced me to remember.

This was once a broach, but the pin was broken off. I tied ribbon on it because a) ribbon cannot be yanked off as easily by a toddler, nor broken. b) black ribbon is a strong statement in a world of delicate little chains. Good for layering too.

This was a BKE necklace that was ripped to shreds. I put what I had of it back together and added chain from a different necklace that I had taken the chain off and added ribbon (take some add some...switch it around).

This was the easiest fix. An orphaned chain was lonely in a box at Express, and this AE feather pendent was equally abandoned in a different store. I did nothing but introduce them. They seem happy together.

In the midst of our "Arghs" and "Rawrrs" as we rifled through pretty, shiny stuff, I came across this ring. It is from The Buckle I believe and I replaced the center pearl. I love the ring, but alas I do not like rings. They make me claustrophobic and hyperventilate if I can't get them off. It needs a better home, as I have many other rings clamoring for my attention (like my oft neglected wedding ring).

If you think you could provide a good home for it, drop me a comment and recommend the best book you've read recently. I've got Mockingjay sitting right next to me, itching to be in my fingers and it's what I'd rather *blush* be doing than playing pirates in 105 degree weather with my children *blush*.

I'll draw a winner randomly on Monday.
10 sprinkles of fairy dust:

I keep reading duds. :-/ I did read Face of a Stranger recently though by Anne Perry and liked it!

oooh! Pick me, pick me! I love the ring. And love wearing rings. :-)

I just read Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and LOVED it. It might not be your genre to love, but it's well written and very sweet.

I'm in the middle of the Mistborn trilogy and loving it! :)

Beautiful ring! Haven't read a whole lot recently, last book was Orchid House.

Oooh, that ring is so great!! (The necklace with the black ribbon is great too!) You need to check out my cousin's website. She sells jewelry made using a combination of recycled vintage materials and new material. www.laurenembreejewelry.com

The best book I have read recently was "Gospel Powered Parenting" by William Farley. It is now on my list to give to new parents!

would i get more cred if i SENT you a copy of the best book i've read lately?

because that ring is calling to me - i can even provide proof that i have a ring addiction-slash-problem.


[i'll send you the book anyhow]

The last time I read a book I couldn't put down, was Term Limits by Vince Flynn. I read it after hearing him speak. Currently, I'm reading Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskel, and while I'm getting a kick out of it, I admit it's a book I can put down and come back to days or even weeks later.

I'm going to be honest and admit that the only book I've read lately that I would recommend is "I Love You, Stinky Face" by Lisa Mccourt. And I have read it about 50 times in the last week ;-p (My 11 month old has a really strange fascination for monsters and this is the only "monster" book we have, so... it gets read a lot!)

Love the ring!

That ring is gorgeous!! (I hope I win!!). My new favorite book is: Notes From the Tilt-A-Whirl. Truly amazing.

Wearing a ring on my right hand is a new found thing of mine. I love the ring and I think it would look lovely on my hand ;-).

You have inspired me to purchase broken jewelry from stores and recreate. I have a very hard time spending money on jewelry for some reason. Like I would rather buy a new outfit, but what is an outfit without the proper accessories?