From Bling to Mommy Necklaces - Two Winners and Another Giveaway


And now we have a winner
We've two, to be precise
Just one is fun, but funner,
Is two for twice as nice.
So with no further tra la la,
No further tra la loo
Please give an online "hip hooray!"
To winners One and Two...

Well, friends, I sorted through comments and put each of the sets of names into my nifty new fox hat.....

.......mixed things in and around and about........

...................drew out a name from each, and.............

*Mimi the Kitten, you've won the Avon necklace*

*Sbdf13, you are the winner of the Teething Bling*

Drop us your addresses at fairiesandfrench fries at gmail dot com, and we'll get those out to for you to enjoy!

Today was the last day of accessories month (boooo), but we do have one extra special giveaway (yayyy!) for all of you for bearing with us. It has been fun talking about accessories, but I'm looking forward to going back to random reviews of everything. We've built up quite the backlog of book reviews; the mockingjays, skinjackers, and steampunk zombies are threatening to burst through the floodgates....

But back off the rabbit, er, zombie trail.

I mentioned in the Bling and Shiny Things post that I don't normally wear Teething Bling just as a sole pendant, and the reason is that I am addicted to Mommy Necklaces. Well, the reason originally was that I tend toward chunky layers of necklaces, and Mommy Necklaces makes that possible these days (and then the addiction started...).

Mommy Necklaces have all the pros of regular jewelry without the fragility. Let's face it; I broke as many necklaces as Jack did, I just didn't have his mad speed skills. What I could accomplish in a year, he somehow managed in days. (That babyfingerproof necklace that Esther gave me for Christmas lasted two wearings before Jack snapped it in half *sob*)

As a nursing necklace rather than a teether, Mommy Necklaces are not for testing out sharp little baby pearls, but since like everything else in the house they will probably make it into baby's mouth at some point or another, it's nice to know that they are tested for safety both in the content and strength of the cord and the beads.

Nursing necklaces distract little paws and razor claws while nursing and pretty much any other time. Little ones alway think if you have something it must be better than what they have, right? I like to work this to my benefit with an accessory that unlike other jewelry (or my cell phone *coughcough*) won't have its own temper tantrum and demand extensive repairs (and also unlike my cell phone, has a fantastic 3 year guarantee that even covers scuffs).

Jack is already a pro at stealing himself a necklace or two to put on. I promise I'm not teaching him, but I'm sure documenting it for his future embarrassment.

Although the online store is closed at the moment, the reopening is scheduled around a week from now (yay!), and updates have hinted that even more combinations and a stunning array of options will be available.

I'm not being compensated for writing any of this, but my experience on facebook and email has left me amazed. Just being on the phone with any customer service system for a huge company leaves me realizing how much better most WAHMs are at even attempting to seem interested in a customer's needs, but even amongst wonderful WAHMs, Mommy Necklaces stands out. The staff is all super friendly and remarkably gracious, and they respond to email with mind-boggling speed and personality. And they are always thinking of fun new ideas for out-of-the-ordinary contests. The winner of the Motherload contest wins over 30 necklaces! That leaves me speechless.

Nothing beats 30 necklaces, but hey, in the meantime, the more the merrier! So in honor of accessories month, my favorite accessory, and all of you, we're offering a Mommy Necklace in the Jade teardrop style.

I learned several things from the Teething Bling giveaway, one of the most obvious ones being that a bunch of you want to enter more ways than just one, and my wording wasn't really tailored to clarify what the options were. But we're pretty flexible, so this time you can enter several different ways; just leave a comment for each one you choose (and be sure to include your name if you aren't signed in to blogger).

1. Make our day by following fairies and french fries via blogger
2. Tell me your favorite poem (or top few)
3. Check out the Coming Soon album and tell me which style captures you
4. Post about this contest on either facebook or twitter

Open to anyone in the US until midnight pacific time next Wednesday, September 8th, and then I'll draw a winner and announce here on the blog!
74 sprinkles of fairy dust:

I am following
sunni08 at gmail dot com

I love the meadow in the coming soon!
sunni08 at gmail dot com

fave poem......hmmmmm well I love Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss do those count? heh heh
sunni08 at gmail dot com

The new sleek strands with optional donuts look super cool!

Hm... favorite poem... there was a little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead. And when she was good she was very very good, and when she was bad she was horrid. ;)

posting to facebook with my blog profile One Little Word She Knew :)

i love the dangle doughnuts!!! the meadow with green accent strand is so adorable

i don't really have a favorite poem... i guess i still love the poem from 10 things i hate about you (at the end) lol man that is bad!

I'm a new follower!
mommys3lilbirds at gmail dot com

My favorite is the Locked donut!
mommys3lilbirds at gmail dot com

I follow you on gfc

lizgiver at gmail dot com

Favorite poem, that's tough but it might have to be Langston Hughes Mother to Son.

I like the locked donut in green and blue

lizgiver at gmail dot com

I tweeted

lizgiver at gmail dot com

i follow mverno

Loving meadow strands & locked donut.

I just have one question... letting your baby teeth on your necklace... doesn't that teach them that necklaces are to be played with? Isn't that problematic when someone else wearing a real necklace holds them? I've had special (expensive) necklaces broken by babies that I've held for five minutes, so it makes more sense to me to let teething toys be teething toys and teach the babies that necklaces are something else entirely. Or I could have no idea what I'm saying, considering that I'm not a mother. But from a non-mom perspective, I'd like to pick up a baby that DOESN'T think my jewelry is there to be played with!

Totally true. If you have one of the 90% of babies who can be taught that necklaces are a no no, then yes. But every baby has their "besetting sin", (to quote L.M. Montgomery *cough*) whether it's colic or walking at 6 months, or being irresistibly attracted to shiny things. Jamie was teachable,but with Charlie... even a watchful eye and the most consistent attention, he never got higher than a seventy percent success rate on the "no touch" factor, which... short of beating the child is just something I had to learn to live with. Hence the baby jewelry.

I would recommend not holding any baby between 6 months and 18 months if you are wearing jewelry that is either special or expensive. :-(

Of course I follow the blog ;-)

Favorite poem:

The one my grandma made me learn when I was like 8, "The Swing" by Robert Louis Stevenson. Such a great childhood memory!!

OH gosh! There are so many lovely fabulous necklaces from MN! How about if I win, you just surprise me?? ;)

I shared the giveaway with my FB friends.

I follow on Blogger.

I posted on FB.

I really don't care for poetry, but if I had to pick a fave I guess it would be Poe's The Raven.

And... I can't wait for optional doughnuts and to own one of the revamped Meadow necklaces. You could say I have a bit of a MN addiction. :)

Favorite poem? Now that I have kids I love "The Children's Hour" by Longfellow. If only all moments with them seemed that magical!

From the "coming soon album" I really like the concept of interchangeable strands. It'll be fun to play mix and match for different outfits!

Shared on facebook. What a fun giveaway!

My favorite poem is "Keeping Things Whole" by Mark Strand. Love that poem!

writeme at heidimail dot com

Yeah, so ... um, I'm not really into poetry. When I was a teenager we were in a speech class and had to recite a poem. Know what I chose? Some poem from Little Women. Classic, I know.

I like them all. :) But the meadow locked donut is really pretty!

1. Make our day by following fairies and french fries via blogger

- Followed! :D Actually, been following. Yay you... and me! :D

2. Tell me your favorite poem (or top few)

- I'm not sure of the name of it, but it's by Edna St. Vincent Millay: 'My candle burns at both ends, it shall not last the night, but ah my friends and oh my foes, it shines a lovely light'

3. Check out the Coming Soon album and tell me which style captures you

- I freaking LOVE the 'Flatrock Oval' style. It's preeeetty! :D

4. Post about this contest on either facebook or twitter

And, it's posted on my facebook & hopefully leaked to DIBS! :D

I have been following in Google Reader, but now I'm a blogger follower too!!

I've been quoting the "Bed in Summer" poem by Robert Louis Stevenson to Edmund lately. My mom used to quote it to us when we were littles, and now I quote it to my little guy!!

I really like the blue and green simple strand and the simple short strand. My fave colors!!

I tweeted!!

I'm now a follower (Amanda Nowlin at hotmail dot com)

My favorite poem is The Jabberwocky.

I really like the Oval Short Strand has three oval-shaped accent beads option!

I posted about the contest on Twitter (ScreamingPenny)

I really like the meadow
daunfamily at yahoo dot com

follow you with gfc
daunfamily at yahoo dot com

I love the locked donut style, and I love that there are new colors of locked donuts coming soon!

I am following!

wendykate99 at yahoo dot com

Favorite poem? Ooh...I did my undergrad thesis on Dickingon, Plath and Ostriker...(a little predictable, I know, but I loved it..) I'd have to say anything by Alicia Ostriker. The Mother/Child Papers is phenomenal!

Her "Propaganda Poem: Maybe for Some Young Mamas" is what immediately comes to mind...

I like the Teardrop strand.

kristen_yeh (at) yahoo (dot) com

My favorite poem would have to be something by Dr. Seuss, or maybe Invictus. Great giveaway!

I'm following your blog on blogger.

sarah_reay77 at hotmail dot com

My two favorite poems are The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost and If by Rudyard Kipling.

sarah_reay77 at hotmail dot com

My favorite MN style is flat rock square.

sarah_reay77 at hotmail dot com

I tweeted:

sarah_reay77 at hotmail dot com

I like the Blue and Green Locked Donut necklace. So pretty!

I follow your blog, and my favorite style is the rock square. suelee1998 @

Loving the sleek strands!!! I LOVE the black-and-purple one!

I follow thanks for the chance to win

I really like Hot Rock Square thanks for the chance to win

Google Friends Connect - following your blog publicly as Louis

my favorite poem is "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" by J.W. Goethe

here is my tweet

Some of my favorite poems are:

Ludwig Uhland's "Frühlingsglaube"
Edward Lear's "The Owl and the Pussycat" (loved this one since I was small!)
Dorothy Parker's "Inventory"

I like the "Simple" short strand. It's lovely!

This comment has been removed by the author.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I follow your blog using GFC.

felesseta at aol dot com

My favorite poem is Death Be Not Proud by John Donne.

felesseta at aol dot com

I like your locked donut in the coming soon album.

Just curious if you announced the winner for this yet?

Yes, the winner was announced! :)

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