Adventures of Hatmaking


So apparently Esther and I have taken on the task of assembling accessories for opposite ends of the body. Shoes sound harder, but she has already had success with them in the past, and I am quite fumbling in my attempts at hats, but it has been fun fumbling. Except for my sore fingers. Next time I'm getting something a little finer gauge than 16.

I would say that my first headwear craft was the whimsical one, but I guess I can settle for saying it is the less practical one. It won't keep you warm or shield you from any sorts of elements, and it just might snag you on something, but it's kind of fun to wear. Not quite as ethereal as if I had draped it with moss and woven in a few flowers, but it's a solid base. And wire is so cheap and versatile, it practically begs to be turned into even the most amateurish of crowns and wings and chain mail and such.

The second headwear started out as scraps of fleece and minky left over from ambitious projects for the baby.... back when he actually was a baby. Fleece is dense and squishy, minky is softer than fur, both are light and lovely.

Esther already said it best, but it is amazing how a sewing project is like a kid magnet. Maybe it's the razor sharp scissors or the relentless stabbing of the needle, or maybe it's the proclivity of rogue pins to play vicious hide and seek or the fact that fabric often needs to be spread out on the floor just so. Whatever the reason, it is irresistible, and it calls for impromptu dancing.

Fortunately, assembling this foxy (harhar) little number is a snap, requiring the most basic of patterns and just a few minutes of simple stitches.

Sadly, hats do not love me nearly as much as I do them. I own at least a dozen of them, buckets and cloches and newsboys and and berets and adorable vintage numbers and huge sunshades....

(Apparently I also love books about hats.)

Do you wear hats? How do they treat you?

2 sprinkles of fairy dust:

I don't wear hats often, but when I do my family always talks about how good I look in them. I usually stick with baseball caps and cowboy hats. lol I've never worn a cowboy hat in public...I wish I was brave enough. ;) I would love to get into wearing other kinds of hats, but I always feel silly going out in public in a hat for some reason. I guess because not many girls around here wear them.

I have worn hats for about 16 years and still love them! There are probably at least 20 hats in my collection - maybe more, as I haven't counted in a while. This summer I have been loving straw cloches in pink, white, and black. I also have an adorable "newsboy" style cap in a white cotton printed with a tiny pink floral and accented with silver buttons. Then I have my whole fall/winter collection, as well as quite a few other spring hats!
If you want to see some amazing hats, check out