Creating A Mini Fairyland

I'm deep in the process of making shoes, and my brain hurts in a way that says I-should-have-paid-more-attention-to-geometry. Then I read Bethany's post about accessories for babies and I realized something disheartening... I often end up making stuff for my kids in order to even attempt making stuff for myself or anyone else. Because who am I kidding? When I sit down and attempt to get my mojo going, my 2 yr old and now...gulp...5 yr old are definitely not sitting in the corner reading a prayer book. Thus, they need something to do too.

Welcome to Falklen.

This sweet little world sits right next to my sewing machine. Not on the floor next to me, not on a table just for them....literally on the table right next to my sewing machine because Puck forbid they be more than two centimeters away from my person while I'm trying to do something.

I made this last Christmas for Jamie and I can't believe how much mileage we've gotten out of it. I was worried it would be crushed into dust or they'd think it was dumb. It took for-freaking-ever to do and for those who care about the little details, here's the breakdown (which I plan on bragging about to Jamie whenever he's old enough to care):

Plywood leftover from a jobsite
Burnt Manzanita, sanded and varnished (The structure was Jim's handiwork)
Poseable Fairies made with coat hanger, cotton balls, cheesecloth and polymer
Owl, Dragon and Frog were made with wire, tin foil, and polymer (dragon met his demise at the dentist's office and is being re-created)
Dishes, mushrooms and leaf bed are all polymer
Hutch, mushroom table and chest were bought at Michaels for .99 each (unfinished)
Tiny wooden coins were made with a chop saw and a careful hand (also Jim).

So there you have it. You can buy something similar to this for $149.00 or you can make it for $3 + a ghastly amount of time.

Jamie has such a vivid imagination. This little fairy family is Mr. Fairy, Mrs. Fairy and Baby Fairy. He got as far as naming the dragon "Maeken" and the treehouse "Falken" (because things are always falling off?), so I guess he's making progress, but the owl is still "Owl" and the frog is still "Frog". Brilliant I'm telling you.

If it look a little wonky, it's because one day a strong tornado came up and threw it across the room (don't ask).

Part of me is chagrined at the chipping paint and lopsided eyeballs, but another part of me goes all Velveteen Rabbit. This play set is well loved and all those little imperfections come with hours of fun and memories... little baby laughs that I pray and hope stay burned in my brain even when I've got an oxygen tank attached.

Honestly, I like playing with it almost as much as they do, but boohoo for me...I have to go start sewing again.
4 sprinkles of fairy dust:

My children are OBSESSED!!!!! they wont leave my computer and stop looking at the pictures. they love it!!!!!


I LOVE it. I need one.

It seems like every day something happens that I hope to remember forever.

I'm fairly sure that you are the world's coolest mom.