Yum!!! or Um??? -- The Many Faces of Bacon

My brother loves bacon. Bacon bacon bacon. And who can blame him? Bacon is YUMMY! In fact, the word "bacon" itself is far more delicious sounding than the word "drool." But I digress.

My brother likes bacon so much that it has become local legend. His girlfriend even made him a box of homemade double chocolate bacon cookies. When we were driving through Oregon, he wanted to stop and buy Bakon. No, I didn't misspell that... Bakon is an infused vodka.

(Infused is a pretty awesome word, too. I love reading the back of alcohol (and shampoo) bottles and enjoying the lovely sounding descriptions of all the amazing essences blah hints of vanilla blah blah tropical infusions blah blah blah. Is it just me, or does the product never seem to really live up to the glorious descriptions? Maybe I am just not in tune with subtleties. I'm always left wondering if I'm a horrible cretin and wishing I'd just saved my money.)

So... Bakon is a vodka infused with bacon. We didn't have a chance to stop in Oregon and look around for it, so come Christmas time (and being the dutiful sister) I started wondering just how hard the stuff would be to make. Earlier in the year I had purchased an awesome vintage bottle, since my brother also likes those, so it seemed like the ideal gift.

I whipped up a batch of the stuff and put it under the tree.

My mom was not exactly thrilled with the idea. My brother is well over age and not exactly a wild drinker, but she was concerned that something too amazingly tasty might present an irresistable problem.

Let me just say HAHAHAHAHA. One sip of this savory nectar, and my poor brother was off of alcohol, any alcohol, for ... he is gracious enough to not regale me with ALL the grisly details. Needless to say, he was not a fan.

The homemade bacon vodka is quite the novelty item, though, and a remarkable number of people have sampled it for the very small amount that has actually been consumed. Response is varied. One friend says it is tolerable in orange juice, essences of breakfast. My husband says that it tastes amazing for the split second before the waves of salt... er... assault you. Esther, who loves anything salty, actually liked it.

Want to try making it yourself? You'll need:
Glass bottle
Glass pitcher
(a funnel is helpful)

The process is simple.
1. Fry up a few slices of bacon
2. Pour vodka into pitcher
3. Add bacon
4. Cover and stash in a cupboard for a few weeks
5. Strain into bottle
6. Enjoy! (or gag!)

No pictures of the process, because trust me, nobody wants to see bacon that has soaked three weeks in alcohol. It looked like something horrifying out of a mad scientist's laboratory.

Fortunately that wasn't the only bacon themed Christmas gift we picked up for my brother; we also gave him some bacon (and other) lollies NOT made by me.

(that's what's left over since Christmas.... they're good sized candies, but they sure took forever to ship)

And his wonderful girlfriend pulled through and gave him the REAL Bakon. Which as you can see in the contrasted pictures above looks so much more appetizing.

Just please don't tell him about
Bacon Mania. After seeing to what extent he was willing to go to try to avoid his unintentional association with anything wildly popular (*coughharrypottertwilightcoughcough*), I'm afraid he might forswear bacon altogether (but only bacon; vetegarianism is still too popular).

Much easier, cheaper, and tastier is chocolate covered bacon. My husband wasn't a fan, but I loved it. Evidence of how much? None of that made it under the tree for my brother....
4 sprinkles of fairy dust:

I was like "What the..." thank goodness no one liked it - I was going to have to reevaluate everything if they had!

I wonder if using low sodium bacon would be any better.

Seriously, nobody but me liked it? Where are all the people who love dirty martini's, salt rimmed margaritas and bloody mary's? Those are all salty too. :-P

I would so have tried it. And quite possibly enjoyed it... will have to sample some Bakon sometime.

I think bacon must be the go to flavor nowadays - I made some chocolate chip cookies with bacon and they were to die for!!!