Stop and Smell the Skunk Cabbage Vol 5

1. Proof that art can be found in pretty much everything... Hot Pockets Poster

2. Yet another reason to love our favorite food! How to remove rust with a potato.

3. Want to easily add 23 flavors to your meal? Dr Pepper Baby Back Ribs

4. Yet another terrifying way our children could endanger themselves at the mall (in this case, strangers are a good thing)

5. Ever received a baffling gift?

6. Are goblins keeping your home from being spotless? If only they were that adorable.

7. Timing is everything (man, this is my life)

8. I'm afraid that admitting that I love this video (especially the ending *cough cough*) will probably say more about me than I'd care to acknowledge...

9. Catechism question for the week: Are there more Gods than one?
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