Stop And Smell The Skunk Cabbage Vol. 48

1. Continuing our love of all things potato. What could be tastier than potatoes stuffed in bread?
Tired of all the controversy surrounding red meat? Or does it excite and interest you? Either way, here's an interesting article about the dangers and non-dangers of red meat.

2. Excavating dinosaurs from ice. Not for real...but for fun with the kids. I'm pretty sure this would keep certain kids occupied for ages.

3. X-rays of flowers. They look like they're made out of liquid crystal.

4. Rocket ship autopsies. The fascinating innards of your favorite space shuttles.

5. Painting shoes is a favorite pastime, this DIY, neon-toed heels look awesome.

6. Overheard question: So is Orson Scott Card kinda like Brandon Sanderson? No! It's the other way around. The famous and well-loved Ender's Game is finally... finally being made into a movie.

7. Ever feel like your bookmark isn't quite always there for you the way you'd like it to be? Apparently there's a solution to that.

8. You know how owners and pets start to look like each other? I wonder if Sherlock Holmes ever owned an otter. Why? This. It's uncanny and hilarious.

9. Whether you grew up playing roshambo, jan-ken-pon, or one of the more boring names for the game, this necklace is an awesome tribute to a childhood staple.

10. I can't imagine how difficult this is to make, but what boy wouldn't love this cake?

11. Driving around town with kids in tow, I've often wished that more stores offered drive-throughs, but here's another option, a car babysitter. I actually had one this past week, and if you are a mom you know just how amazingly decadent it feels to be able to run in and out of a store in mere minutes!

12. Imagine if the seven dwarves had been named Hickey, Thrifty, Strutty, Flabby, Shifty, Dirty, and Hotsy. It could have been!

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