Dressed On A Dime Fridays

This outfit is waaayyy out of my comfort zone, but I finally found comfy thigh high boots for under $40 and couldn't resist. After looking through my closet this morning, I concluded I really only buy jeans and shoes. Everything else is either secondhand or birthday/christmas gifts.

The Breakdown:
Dress- Target (hand me down)
Cami- Forever 21 ($2.50)
Navy stockings- (gift)
Boots- Urbanog ($35)
Jacket- The Buckle (gift)
Necklace - BKE (.25 cents)
Total: $37.75

For those of us who don't get hand-me-downs, thrifting is a great way to try stuff that is out of the comfort zone for minimal investment. Button up shirts were pretty much completely gone from my closet, but they seem like they'd be practical now, so I have been on the lookout for some to try and see if they're as convenient and comfortable as they seem like they'd be for this stage in my life.

Pretty sure I never ever wore any shirt with this kind of styling before. We'll see how it deals with the beating it's going to take in my house.

The Breakdown:
Button up shirt - Ashley, thrifted ($2)
Layering shirt - Mall store ($5)
Cargo skinnies - DD's ($10)
Boots - Merrell (gift)
Necklace - Mommy Necklaces ($14)
Total - $31
4 sprinkles of fairy dust:

agh! i had spent literally HOURS looking for boots identical to Esther's (and in that price range, which made it even more impossible), when i finally gave up and bought some plain (but really nice) knee-high boots for three times that amount. *pounding head on keyboard*

dang you Ez! Now I want some thigh high boots. Gah, why do you have to look so adorable.

Cute shirt Bethany! Your hair makes me so jealous. You have the hair that I dream of having.

you guys both look fantastic, as always!

ps. LOVE LOVE the boots Ez.. tho they all look so different with the glaring white backgrounds and funny stances online :) can I ask *which* stlye of boot you're wearing?

Believe it or not, these are the ones I got (in brown). I had a 30% off coupon and free shipping (did the ol' google "coupon codes for urbanog")