Dressed On A Dime Fridays (on Saturday)


I know I'm in the minority on this one, but I happen to like shorts a. lot. They're not as constrictive as pants, but often more modest than skirts or dresses. (for me anyway, I seem to be a walking wardrobe malfunction on some days). So when the weather gets cool, I typically add flats and a cardigan and call it a day. (it helps to live in San Diego)

Tank top: Kohls $1.99 (clearance bin)
Cardigan: Christmas gift
Necklace: Thrift store - $1
Shorts: (I ripped the tag out a long time ago) $7.99
Shoes: Thrift store $2
Total: $12.98


I definitely prefer skirts whenever possible, and this one's perfect for a warm but breezy day, as the length is comfy in hot weather but the fabric is heavy enough to stay put in wind.

Eyelet blouse: thrifted $5
Layering shirt: thrifted $1.50
Skirt: clearance $3
Flip flops: Old Navy $2
Necklace: secondhand $9.50
Total: $21
4 sprinkles of fairy dust:

esther, i'm with you on the shorts! i was actually planning on wearing a lot more this fall/early winter, paired with tights, but now all my shorts are too big and i can't find any left in the stores to buy that i like. =( meh.

@Jess. Did you check Forever 21 or H&M? I noticed the other day they had just brought out their winter shorts (i.e. dressier shorts...houndstooth,wool blend,etc)

Esther, I feel the same way with the shorts! It can be freezing and I'll have a hoodie on, but still shorts. :) absolutely adorable outfit AGAIN!

Just my $0.02-worth from a guy perspective: not only do women generally look better (to our eyes) in skirts, but we also tend to have more respect for skirt wearers. Illogical, I know, but there it is.