Stop And Smell The Skunk Cabbage Vol. 32

We're (hopefully) back in business.  Summer is over, babies are here and life can begin whatever new normal it wants to.   

The kid should see this.   All the cool things you see on the internet, collected in a place where you won't accidentally see boobies.  

Love milkshakes.  Love pie.   Lemon meringue pie milkshakes?  Yes please. 

This is a bridesmaid shoot, but I also think it holds a ton of inspiration for a sisters shoot.   I love whimsical photos like these.

Speaking of photography.   An English photographer has taken up teaching photography courses at an old theater... for free.  You can join his class via the internet or follow along with the app, i-tunes, etc.  

Manifest destiny in the form of post offices.   You know those flip animation books you could watch Mickey mouse on as a kid?  This is almost like doing that with your history book. 

Eye candy.  Painting on stacks of books.  I want to know.  Can you still read the books?  Can you have a conversation with your child along the lines of "did you leave the cat's eye at school again?". 

Cheese plates always feel tricky to me.  Like one of those simple Bach pieces you learn on the piano that sound so breezy, but have fingering from hell.   These cheese combinations basically number all the fingering meticulously for you.  A masterpiece of flavors, the yellow tomato balsamic reduction over fresh mozzarella looks to die for. 
Catechism question for the week.  What benefits do they that are effectually called partake of in this life?
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